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PROS: Clean UI. Easy to use. CONS: Problems with UI design. Several tools are not working at all. Ineffective and overpriced.

A couple of years ago there were numerous system optimization tools that were designed to automate OSX maintenance operations. These applications were so popular that hackers often tried to integrate malware right into these applications, which is why many people are still having a hard time trusting these optimizations tools. This could be easily resolved by purchasing an application from the Mac App Store, but the thing is that the best tools can’t be approved by Apple since they dig deeply into the system, which violates some App Store policies.

In order to get the best possible OSX maintenance tool you’ll need to ask around to see what are the most popular tools at the moment, and of course there are reviews like this one. In many cases you’ll see that an application called CleanMyMac 2 has set the standard for maintenance and optimization tools, but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t give a chance to newly released solutions.

MacBooster 3

In this article we’ll take a look at an application named MacBooster, which is designed to help you take care of your Mac. As you can imagine, this application can’t be found in the Mac App Store, but you can download it from its official website. It’s priced at $60.

Once you open MacBooster for the first time you’ll see a standard looking OSX interface, which can be seen in numerous similar applications. It’s clear that designers tried to implement design solutions seen in CleanMyMac, but they also wanted to use the standard-looking generic interface. Since people are still having a hard time trusting these applications, I would go for an application that comes with unique and complex interface which will tell me that designers had put a lot of effort in it.

Still, there’s one very serious problem with design of this application. No matter which tool you’re going to use, you’ll only see a very brief explanation of what that particular feature is going to do to your Mac. Even if you get the results after finishing with maintenance tasks, they are going to be very short, scarce and sometimes completely missing.

MacBooster 2

When it comes to functionality, MacBooster doesn’t bring anything new to the world of OSX maintenance tools. You’ll get to clear junk files (logs, caches, and language files), find large files, optimize internet security, uninstall files, check startup items, and similar. This means that you’ll get probably all the tools that you possibly need, but there’s one serious problem. I’ve found that many of these tools aren’t working, like internet security optimization, or duplicates finder. Even though MacBooster tells me that the problem is solved, I could still see that my settings in Safari are the same as before. When it comes to duplicates finder, this application simply failed to find them even though I’ve made duplicates right on my desktop.

When it comes to OSX maintenance tools, I can still recommend using CleanMyMac 2 (you can find its review right here on Even though it promised a lot at the begging, MacBooster is very far from perfect and extremely overpriced.


  1. Several years ago I manually deleted language files, especially those I knew I’d never learn. I am not sure if it did in within the system or inside some applications, or both. But an Adobe product, I think Acrobat Professional, was not happy about it.

  2. I used MacBooster for a year and it seemed OK. Just purchased the new version for up to 3 computers. Have now spent more than an hour on the phone on multiple calls trying to get a valid license key. No one can help and no one responds to the emails through their website. I have requested a refund & if necessary will file a complaint with AMEX if I get the same inadequate reply or no reply. I’ve been waiting for a week to activate my purchase.

    Apparently this is a known problem with them because they actually have multiple buttons/links on their website for license problems. Save your time & buy something else.

  3. I installed MacBooster 4. My I mac ran very slow from that time. I never had any issues with speed before the installation.
    After days of sruggling with my computer, I uninstalled the program.
    Since uninstalling the program, I have had serious problems with my computer, to stage now were it will not open.
    They refunded my money, but it will cost me hundreds to fix my Mac.
    MacBooster 4 worked like a virus, it completely made my Mac unusable.


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