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PROS: Quality made. Reliable protection. Acts as a stand as well. CONS: Questionable design decisions. Deeply recessed buttons. Isn’t fully compatible with the newest iPad Mini. High priced.

When it comes to iPad cases, my personal opinion is that the best solution are those numerous folio-style cases. It seems that many people are sharing my opinion, since there are more and more different types of folio cases, so it’s clear that designers and manufacturers are investing their time and money into this product category. Of course, not every folio-style case is the same, since they come in different shapes, styles, and materials, and there are also several possible ways that they can hold your iPad.

In this article we’ll take a look at one of the recent additions to a world of folio-style iPad cases, which comes from a company called C6. This case is priced at $55, and is available for purchase from its official website.

Magnefix Bookcase 3

When a new Apple event is expected to happen, it’s normal for manufacturers to slow down production of accessories and to place new products on hold. This way if Apple decides to show somewhat different design, these manufacturers can adjust their products to meet those new standards. That’s why I was intrigued to see Magnefix Bookcase released at this point, just days before the new iPad Mini was released. It’s important to say that the newest case by C6 is still compatible with the new iPad Mini, but you won’t find opening on the back which should provide access to the rear microphone. This is not a major downside, but this is certainly something that will negatively impact on sales of this product.

Now let’s see what kind of design the Magnefix Bookcase features and if there’s anything that will set this product apart from numerous similar folio-style cases. On a first look it’s clear that designers of this case were inspired by Apple’s Smart Cover because you’ll find similar three-column flexible shell, on the front side. This shell is able of locking and unlocking your iPad Mini magnetically, and if you fold it over it will become a stand. By folding the front piece, you’ll get an interestingly looking stand, but which is not the traditional triangular shape that you can see with the Smart Cover. I liked how flexible yet firm this stand is, and I believe that most users will agree with me.

Magnefix Bookcase 1

The back plate is made of plastics and comes lined with rubber. This construction has several upsides and downsides, so it will be up to you to choose which side you like better. One of the upsides is that rubber will provide better protection, especially if you drop your tablet. On the other hand, this means that Magnefix Bookcase comes with added thickness, which is very noticeable along the buttons. As it turns out, the buttons are deeply recessed, so some people will have a hard time reaching them. I was surprised to see that designers of this case didn’t include plastic or rubber covers which are able of solving this problem.

Even though I generally liked this case and I believe that it is quality made, there are too many issues which are preventing me from recommending it. First, it’s not fully compatible with the newest iPad Mini generation. Also there are problems with deeply recessed buttons, and the price of $55 is also not a plus. If you look around you’ll see that similar iPad cases are priced at around $40, and many of them are a better solution.


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