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PROS: Easy to use. Makes desktop and mobile design easy and highly customizable. No coding needed. Very usable and helpful. CONS: Interface could be a bit more polished.

When it comes to communication through e-mails, I believe that this is one of the most effective ways to keep productivity at a high level between team members, or to easily keep track of your target audience. You probably go through dozens of e-mails on a daily basis, where most of them are spam, but there are also those e-mails which are informing you about the things that you care about. Those are newsletters from stores, restaurants, all kinds of online services, and any other business or service that you can think of. Most of those newsletters are nicely designed, since this is the main way these businesses reach their potential customers. That’s why this kind of communication is so important.

In practice, people are checking their e-mail accounts on Macs and PCs, as well as from numerous tablets and smartphones. This means that those e-mails and newsletters need to be optimized in order to be properly previewed on all of these devices. This is where Mail Designer Pro could be put to a good use.

Mail Designer Pro 2

Mail Designer Pro is an OSX application, which could be found in the Mac App Store. This tool is priced at $100, which tells you that this is (semi)professional tool, created for those who are in need of serious e-mail template editor.

Once you open Mail Designer Pro for the first time, you’ll be greeted with numerous usable templates, and this is where you see its resemblance with Apple’s Pages. Once you go to its main window you’ll see that many UI elements resemble Pages, which is a good thing. On the other hand, there are many unique Mail Designer Pro tools, so it will take some time and effort until you scratch the surface and start finding numerous helpful tools and options.

Even though it might not look that way by looking at these screenshots, Mail Designer Pro is a very complex tool which offers countless ways of customizing templates and creating your own unique designs. I am going to focus only on two features, which I’ve found surprisingly useful and interesting.

Mail Designer Pro 1

Even though it’s not obvious at a first sight, you’ll find several tools which enable collaboration between team members. This way you can create newsletters along with graphic designers and editors, who need to take half-finished version and add their own segments. After these team members finish their job, they can send newly designed versions and segments along with some notes and revisions, so you can easily drag-and-drop them and create a finished product.

Another amazing feature that you can use in Mail Designer Pro is ability to simultaneously design for desktop and mobile devices. You’ll be able to easily create flexible layouts and even try them out right on your Mac. You can select if you’d like to render iOS or Android compatible version, and even choose landscape or portrait orientation, so you can see the results almost instantly. What’s most important is that you’ll receive very accurate and reliable results.

After you’re satisfied with the current design, you can publish it as HTML code or directly send it through your default e-mail client. There’s also integration with newsletter services like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, which are very nicely done.

Even though it might seem like an overpriced solution, Mail Designer Pro is a very complex and usable tool, which I can highly recommend.


  1. I find this a good deal that can in fact produce results for a reasonable price but as a professional app, it runs out of steam early on. I may have exhausted tech support with questions and now they won’t reply to any requests regardless of the issue.

    On the bright side, it is fast and simple to pick up. The results work on Mail Chimp and Constant Contact when I FTP the files to my server and change the image links by hand in a text editor (not hard using find/replace). Effective email should be simple and if you simplify your design, this app does pretty well.

    Downer issues are:

    No alt text for images (what?—yes that is right). How could that be neglected in today’s email clients that don’t download images right off?

    Mobile email cannot have horizontally arranged linking images….all linked images must occupy the full screen width on phones. No rack of social media buttons. No dual or triple images in a row with links.

    Tech support will not answer my issues. I get an auto generated ticket # and never hear a word after that….NEVER. Sorry gents but that is a bit of a sting.

    Sizing and aligning small images is tedious if not impossible since there is no way to manually adjust sizes with settings (only visual dragging) and there is no zoom provision. On the other hand, I could and should simplify my design to accommodate this and the result would be a more effective campaign.

    But again…it works for what it is intended to do. Overall, it’s a keeper.

  2. Bought both versions of mail designer. Absolutely not satisfied, since HTML uploaded on a server did not work. It showed different then my draft. Have contacted Equinux several times and received their service tickets, but never ever got an answer. Therefore the App is useless for me!

  3. I would give this product one star.
    It happens all the time. I send an email using a template I created and it looks like a million bucks on Mac mail, once my client receives it, and replies… it looks like crap.
    I do not now what to do I have talked to the staff on line, and they talk long and nice, but when the up had to deliver, specially about font. I use Google font, that is suppose to be friendly to everything, but not to Mail Designer Pro, and I paid full price for this product. So I am very very disappointed.


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