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PROS: Beautifully designed. Easy installation. No AC adapter required. Ready to work with Time Machine. CONS: Mediocre performance and speeds. High priced.

In case you don’t have an external hard drive used to store your backup files, that I would strongly suggest you to make this purchase. This is one of those essential pieces of equipment which can be used with Apple’s own Time Machine technology to backup data while you’re working on your Mac. It was always important to have some kind of backup copy of important files, but with today’s prices of external hard drives there’s no excuse not to make your sensitive data safe and secure.

If you own an iMac (2009 and up) or Apple display, than this article could be of great help. We’ll show you an external hard drive which is optimized to be used with your Mac and Time Machine, and which comes with one very interesting design feature. We’ll talk about the hard drive named mBack, which is made and sold by mLogic.

The mBack is clearly made to be used with an Apple-made computer since it features similar materials, shape, and curvature. This is one of those traditionally designed rectangular hard drives, but which comes with a specially designed large screw which enables you to attach the mBack into the two-inch hole located on the stand of your iMac. Now let’s see how to install this device, and we’ll take a look at its performance as well.

mBack 2

The process of installation is very simple, since you’ll basically need to attach the mBack into the hole on the back side of your iMac. You’ll receive a piece which needs to be screwed-in so this construction is very stable and secure. It’s also important to note that this is not a permanent connection, so you can remove the mBack anytime you want. It’s also important to say that there’s a notch at the bottom of this hard drive which enables you to place the power cable of your iMac through this same hole, and there’s also a very short USB cable used to connect the mBack with your computer.

This hard drive already comes prepared to work with the Time Machine, so there’s no installation needed. As you know, Apple has done a great job of automating Time Machine which is doing its job very quietly and in the background. Still, the process of saving and loading a backup depends on the speed of your hard drive, so this is where I need to say that this device features USB 3.0 and internally it holds a 5400 rpm drive. You can find several benchmarks of this hard drive around the web and they all agree that maximum achievable speeds are 120MBps. This is not the best result, but it’s sufficient enough for Time Machine to work without any problems.

mBack 3

You can find the mBack hard drives in three versions: a 500GB model is priced at $100, a 1TB is priced at $150, and 2TB is very highly priced at $260.

There are a lot of nice things that could be said for this product. I am a big fan of its design which comes with some thoughtfully imagined features. Still, I am not that impressed with its performance and speed, even though they are not as bad either. Probably the weakest selling point of this hard drive is its price, which is quite high.


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