Naztech’s Battery Case for iPhone 5/5S
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PROS: Feels nice in hand. Doesn’t add a lot of bulk. Good performance. CONS: Design could be a bit more attractive. Some strange design decisions. Difference in official specifications and practical results.

There are a lot of situations where you can benefit from a battery case for your iPhone. These cases are made to protect your phone just like any other external protection, but also to provide access to additional power in case your iPhone runs out of juice. However, if you decide to purchase a battery case, I would recommend reading reviews like this one which are here to give you some insight into how well a certain case performs. I am saying this because most battery cases can’t fulfill promised capacities, so there are many dissatisfied users out there.

In this article we are going to take a look at 2,400mAh battery case made for iPhone 5/5S, designed and sold by Naztech. This is a company which specializes in battery cases, covers, and chargers for various smartphone types. The case we’re about to review is priced at $90.

Naztech's Battery Case 1

At a first sight it could be said that Naztech’s battery case is generically designed, meaning that it brings the same old design that we could see on any other iPhone battery case. It’s available in black and white editions, and brings a lot of rounded and finely polished edges so it feels nice in hand. In order to start using it, you only need to place your iPhone into a frame that snaps firmly around your phone. You won’t receive any frontal protection, so in case you’d like to protect the screen you’ll need to buy a screen protector.

As I’ve said earlier, when it comes to design of Naztech’s battery case, there isn’t anything new or innovative. In fact, there are a few issues. You’ll receive three interchangeable frames (clear, purple, and blue) which look very cheap and can hardly fit iPhone’s elegant design. Also, on the back of this case you can notice one large opening on the top (where the camera is located), which seems like a very strange design decision. Also, all the buttons are left fully exposed, but they are not deeply recessed so you shouldn’t have any problems using them.

Naztech's Battery Case 2

I also need to mention another interesting design feature, and that’s a plastic kickstand which is located on the back. This way you can use it as a stand, which is a nice addition.

When it comes to performance, according to Naztech you can expect 2,400mAh battery inside. This means that you’ll get about 110% of iPhone’s original battery, which seems very ambitious. In practice you’ll receive about 95%, which is still a very good result. You can currently find some other battery cases with better results, which are also priced around $90, which means that you can find a better deal if you do a little research.

In general, Naztech’s battery case is a standard product of this category which promises nice results. Still, for this money you can find some other cases which are more elegant and which don’t look so cheap, so I would recommend this product only if you find it on sale.


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