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PROS: Quality made, and easy to assemble. Produces amazing results. Visible improvements over the previous generation. CONS: Can’t be used with any iPhone case. Users of the iPhone 5S will need extra attention to properly set up these lenses.

It’s clear that Apple has invested a lot of money into research and development, as well as marketing of their iPhone lineup in terms of photographic abilities. You can read numerous articles and reviews around the web about the camera that comes with the newest iPhone generation, and most authors agree that this is probably one of the best smartphones cameras, that could be even used professionally. You can also find numerous galleries created by photography professionals and enthusiasts which are showcasing prime examples of “iPhoneography”.

These amazing characteristics and huge user base made 3rd party developers think about additional photography gear specifically made for the iPhone. When it comes to additional lenses, than you’ve probably heard of Olloclip. This product is actually an add-on camera lens that brings three different lenses packed into one body. It’s very easy to use and produces amazing results, which is why this is one of the bestselling iPhone accessories. Over one year ago we reviewed the current generation of Olloclip which came with three lenses included, and couple of months ago we brought you a review of Olloclip’s new telephoto lens. Today you’ll get a chance to read about the newest generation of Olloclip, which became available to purchase only a couple of weeks ago. This is Olloclip’s 4-in-1 photo lens.

Olloclip (4-in-1) 2

I was very interested in reviewing this product, since I’ve been using Olloclip’s 3-in-1 system for a long time now, and I was always very happy with the results. As it turns out, the new generation comes at the same price as before ($70) but brings one additional lens and enhances the way this system works.

The newest generation of Olloclip brings a 180-degree fisheye lens, along with 18mm wide-angle lens, and there’s also 10x macro lens. New addition to this system is a 15x second macro lens. Installation is the same as before, which means that you’ll need to place the Olloclip over bare iPhone and there’s no compatible case with this system. This was something that many users disliked and that’s why Olloclip brought its own case which can be used with these lenses. Also, there are three color combinations available: black, silver, and red. Each of those comes with plastic lens caps, and there’s also a carrying case included.

When it comes to performance, it’s very clear that the newest generation brings noticeably better results. You can notice this even if you’re not a professional photographer, since these improvements are easily visible. For example, there’s much better color contrast and images are sharper than before. Improved sharpness is particularly noticeable with the new fisheye lens, which produces amazing results. When it comes to macro lenses, images are also improved even though there’s still that old issue with stabilization. This means that the new 15x micro lens is able of producing amazing pictures, but you’ll need some kind of stand or some other way of making your phone completely still.

I was impressed with the previous Olloclip generation (3-in1), but now I am absolutely in love with the newest addition (4-in-1). For the same price as before you’ll get one additions lens, and much better end results. This is one of those essential pieces of additional equipment, if you’re into photography.


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