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PROS: Brings a lot of extras. CONS: Not that quality made. Plastic and cheap looking. Results are far from perfect.

During the last couple of years we saw tremendous increase in iPhone’s camera abilities. With the release of the newest iPhone generation, many professional photographers were pleasantly surprised and some of them even claimed that the current iPhone generation can compete with some professional cameras. As you can imagine, this also depends on a person who’s taking a photo, since in order to get the most out of any camera you should have at least some basic knowledge of advanced photography and scene setup.

Several weeks ago we brought you a review of the newest generation of Olloclip lenses, which is a set of mountable lenses which could be easily placed on top of iPhone’s camera lens. This way you can greatly expand iPhone’s ability to shoot macro scenes, or wide angled fisheye photos. We were very happy with the results of these lenses, and they brought clear improvement over the previous generation, that we also reviewed. In today’s article we’ll be taking a look at another similar product, which was recently introduced to the market. This is going to be the set of Polaroid lenses, made for the newest iPhone generation.

Polariod Lenses 1

As you surely know, Polaroid is the well-known name amongst photography enthusiasts and professionals. Even though Polaroid isn’t quite known for making high-end photography gear, I expected a lot from the product that I am about to review simply because it carries the name of this company.

You can find several different sets of lenses made by Polaroid, so today we’ll take a look at 16x telephoto lens, which comes paired with 220x microscope lens. This combo is priced at $70, even though Polaroid is temporarily selling it for $55.

On a first look I was surprised to see not only two lenses in the packaging, but a lot of additional extras as well. You’ll receive detachable lenses, which come with protective cases. There are also some small parts used to securely connect the lens to your iPhone, and you’ll also receive a plastic tripod. This is not something that you’ll receive when you buy Olloclip, so I was pleasantly surprised.

When it comes to installation of these lenses and the tripod, it will only take a couple of seconds, which means that installation is very simple and straightforward. Almost all parts are made of plastic, and they don’t feel like premium products, but instead some parts feel cheap and wobbly. So after a very positive first impression I was a little bit disappointed to see that Polaroid didn’t take enough effort in design.

When it comes to end results this is going to be the main factor in deciding if you should buy this set of lenses or if you should go for Olloclip. I am sad to say that Polaroid’s lenses are very far from perfect, and that 220x microscope lens is barely usable. It was clear that tripod was there to calm the phone and avoid any shaking, but in order to achieve mediocre results everything needs to be perfectly and absolutely still. When it comes to 16X telephoto lens, this one also showed weaker results. Color is simply not that great, there’s visible vignette all around the photo, and there’s some geometric distortion as well.

When it comes to choosing between Olloclip and Polaroid’s set of lenses, the choice is pretty clear. I would recommend going for Olloclip since it is much better made and produces amazing results.


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