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PROS: Very easy and automatic setup. Offers something new and innovative. Combines several amazing features. CONS: None really.

As you already know, your iOS device is able of printing documents via AirPrint feature. In order to use it, you need to have one of those AirPrint-ready printers, so in most cases you’re going to be forced into buying one. Luckily, there are some manufacturers (like Canon) who are able of creating updates which enable AirPrint protocols on selected printers, but once again it needs to be said that this is not a large volume of products.

You probably haven’t heard about a company called Ecamm, which made several interesting applications which are being sold outside the iOS and Mac App Stores, since they usually offer some kind of enhancements of built-it features. Tools made by Ecamm can be used to record calls, sync files between your iOS device and a Mac outside of iTunes, and similar software solutions. Continue reading and you’ll get to see how you can use AirPrint to print wirelessly, even if you don’t own one of those brand new printers.

In this article we’ll tell you more about an application named Printopia. This app is used to share your Mac’s printers with any iOS device on your own network, which means that you can use AirPrint to print a file from your iPhone on almost any printer. This application is priced at $20, and could be downloaded from its official website, where you can also download its 7-day trial.

Printopia 3

Once you download and install Printopia you’ll see that this isn’t a standalone application, since it exists as a preference pane, which could be found in System Preferences. The good news is that there’s no setup needed, in terms of adding new printers or downloading some additional plugins. Once you activate Printopia, all those printers that you already got installed within your OSX are going to work, and they are going to be shown in the AirPrint menu on your iOS device. Now you can simply use AirPrint with any standard printer.

Printopia 2

What’s also important to say about Printopia is that there are some other interesting features which are equally helpful and useful. First, you can setup a master password so you can protect the AirPrint connection in case several people are using the same network. Also, you can use Printopia in case you actually want to avoid printing, and go paperless. As it turns out you can set up this little app to “print” files from your iOS device to a specific folder on your Mac, or you can “print” directly into Dropbox and Evernote. By printing I mean sending a file, which is going to be converted into a PDF and placed inside the selected application. This can be done via AirPrint, and I believe these “paperless” features can be as helpful as those primary ones.

For the price of $20 this application provides you with a very reliable solution of wireless printing, even if you’ve got a traditional printer. During my trial period I never had any issues or problems, and printing worked like a charm every single time. That’s why I can strongly recommend this application.


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