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PROS: Very simple, yet very interesting and useful. More than one role. Affordable. CONS: Some stability concerns.

During my time as a reviewer for MacReview, I’ve had a chance of looking into two products made by Bluelounge. This company is known for very interesting solutions, and in the world of iOS devices this company is known for some amazingly designed docks. Products that I’ve had a chance of reviewing were named Kii and Milo. The first one is a small Lightning cable used to help you get rid of those long cords, but which came with a very high price. On the other hand, Milo was the originally designed stand which scored excellent ratings.

In this article we’ll be taking a look at yet another interesting product made by Bluelounge. This one is called Rolio, and it’s designed to remove the clutter and hold your iPhone in its upright position while charging. Rolio can be purchased for $10.

Rolio 1

It is actually funny how simple this product is. Rolio is basically consisted of two white plastic squares, with slightly rounded corners, which are connected via small channel positioned in the central part. In order to set up and use this product you’ll need to supply your own Lightning cable as well as Apple’s 5W USB power adapter, and both of these items are being shipped with new iPhones.

In order to set up Rolio you’ll first need to take your Lightning cable and slide it from the side until the Lightning plug reaches the middle part where you can find a small bracket. Simply push the plug into this bracket, and now roll the cable around the central part of Rolio. This will make the plug clearly visible, but the cable is going to be hidden inside Rolio’s structure. After you’ve rolled it a few times you’ll need to take the USB end and place it through the hole in the central part. Now connect that USB end to your Apple adapter, and you’re ready to go. All there’s left is to plug this whole structure into a wall socket. You can charge your phone simply by placing in onto the Lightning plug.

Even though this whole construction might look unstable by looking at these pictures, this is not the case. Your phone will sit firmly in its place, but of course you’ll still need to be careful not to accidentally knock it down.

It’s also important to say that Rolio comes with extensions which are making it compatible with any Apple adapter, meaning that it could be used worldwide, so there’s no additional purchase needed.

My biggest concern about this product is stability of the phone. Even though the phone will be inclined a bit towards the wall, I wouldn’t use it if the wall socket is positioned high above the floor. This means that there’s real practical use for this product, but it still requires some caution. On the other hand, Rolio can be also used to cut the Lightning cable and make it shorter, so it doesn’t create a lot of mess on your desk, which is yet interesting and innovative role.



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