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PROS: Completely free of charge (at the moment). Easy to set up. Tons of usable features. Great performance. CONS: None.

By now you’ve probably experienced some of the benefits of Google Documents like collaborative workflow. With this service, this kind of sharing between users became something that other large companies tried to implement, because this is something that most users need in their everyday life and this can raise productivity quite a bit.

In case you haven’t tried Google Docs yet and if you don’t know what I am talking about, I’ll explain it briefly. This service is designed to allow team members to easily collaborate by using the same document and making changes to that document simultaneously. This way large teams can work on a single spreadsheet, for example, so all the information is easily viewable and you can see changes which are happening at the moment. This could be very helpful with other applications like CAD and 3D modelling software, Creative Suite apps, and in many other situations as well.

Screenhero 2

In this article I am going to show you a way which enables you to work with someone in real-time by sharing a screen. This service is called Screenhero, and you can download the application and sign-up for free at the moment. As it turns out, Screenhero is currently in its public beta phase and everyone can join.

Once you download and sign-in to Screenhero, you’ll see an application that resembles iChat or Google Talk. You’ll need to add people to your list, and you can invite them by mail, so the process of putting together a team is very simple and effortless, even for someone who never worked with this kind of application. In order to start a new session, simply double-click on a username. You’ll get a chance to choose if you’d like to share your entire screen, just a portion of it, or a window of a specific application. Most screen sharing applications allow you to share your entire screen, which is not always a good idea. Having a focus on one window seems like a better solution, so I really liked this side of Screenhero.

Once you start a new session you’ll get to work with someone in real time, in almost any application. This means that both of you are able of editing documents and making changes live. For example, if you’re working on a new PowerPoint presentation, you’ll be able to change fonts and write text, while someone else can bring in the graphics and fine-tune animations at the same time.

During my test period I didn’t encounter any errors or glitches, so I am very happy with the performance. You should also know that some complex applications will need a faster internet connection, and you can work cross-platform as well.

The best thing about Screenhero is that you can use it with any application that you’ve got installed on your Mac. This way you can work with someone, solve someone’s technical problem, or even play a game with your friend. The possibilities are endless, so I warmly recommend Screenhero in case you need a reliable and capable screen-sharing service.


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