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PROS: Interesting idea and concept. CONS: A lot of basic features are missing. Crashes and bugs. Slow performance.

There are more than few iOS e-mail clients which are promising to change the way you deal with clutter in your inbox. It’s interesting to see all the ways these applications try to offer some unique feature, and something that will set them apart from the rest of this app category. This is because you can choose from hundreds of quality e-mail clients in the iOS App Store, which means that competition is tougher than ever before.

If you follow our articles, then you could’ve learn more about applications like Mailbox, Email Pro, Dispatch, Mail Pilot, Evomail, and many other popular iOS e-mail clients. These applications usually cost at least a few dollars, so it’s always a good idea to know if your spending is justified. On the other hand, reviews like this one are there not only to advise you if you should spend a couple of dollars on an app, but to inform you of possible issues and problems which may affect your e-mail account.

Skimbox 2

In this article we’ll take a look at an application named Skimbox. This is one of those iOS e-mail clients which are promising innovative way to keep your inbox clutter-free. This app is free to download and use, so I was interested to see if Skimbox will be worth my time and effort.

Right after you launch Skimbox for the first time you’ll see that you can use your Gmail or Microsoft Exchange account. Even though this list of supported providers should be bigger, it’s not that bad for an application that was recently released. According to developers, they are working to bring Office 365 support soon. After you’ve signed up with your credentials, you’ll proceed to the main part of this app.

On the top of the screen you’ll see two large tabs named mainbox and skimbox. Developers of this e-mail client are saying that mainbox is actually an inbox for your “significant emails” and those are “the ones you need to read, respond to, and/or act on”. What this means is that Skimbox will start filtering incoming mail according to your recent actions, so if you frequently respond to a specific e-mail address, incoming emails from that address will be always put into mainbox. This app will keep track of e-mails that you respond to and read, so it will filter incoming mail according to this criteria. In practice this seems to be a very interesting idea, and I really like the concept behind this app.

Even though Skimbox features a very interesting idea, this is not enough for an application to be successful. Unfortunately, Skimbox seems unfinished in many areas and there are some basic functions that are missing. For example, you can’t create new labels or folders within this app. You can also use only one account, and there’s no easy way to switch between more e-mail accounts. I’ve also noticed that messages are very slow for arrive, and it sometimes took up to 10 minutes for those messages to appear after Apple’s Mail app downloaded them right on time.

Even though it’s free, Skimbox can’t earn my recommendation. There’s a very nice startup idea, but it needs more time and work until this app becomes usable.


  1. Hi, thanks for the review. We released Skimbox early without all the bells and whistles, so we could get feed back from real users on what should be added first. We were also interested in getting real world experience with our machine learning algorithms. We’ve already added multiple account support, the top feature request, and it is available in the app store now. More cool things coming.



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