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PROS: Beautifully designed. Brings something new to the market. Very useful. CONS: Only one viewing angle. High priced.

During my time as a reviewer, I’ve had a chance of checking out some very extravagant, unique, and crazy looking stands for all iOS devices. You probably know how competitive this piece of market is, so designers and manufacturers are giving their best to offer a product that will capture your attention. For a product to be truly successful, it needs to have something more. This means that it needs to capture your attention, but also to be quality made and highly functional as well. There aren’t many stands that are achieving all of these goals.

In this article you’ll get a chance to learn more about one of the simplest iPad stands that I’ve used, but which turns out the one of the most functional as well. This product is called Slope, and comes from Dekke.

Slope 1

As you can see from the pictures, Slope clearly resembles an iMac stand, which works perfectly with any iPad. This is one of the most minimalistic stands, but as you probably know it isn’t that easy to design something that’s going to be extremely simple, yet very functional at the same time. Slope isn’t just minimalistic in terms of its design, but also in terms of its lightness. In fact, I was very surprised to see how light this stand was once I took it in my hand, since it seemed impossible that its light construction will hold my iPad. As it turns out, Slope can easily carry your iOS device, no matter how large or heavy it is.

The main trick behind Slope is in those two black areas, which you can see on the pictures. These areas are positioned on the bottom, and there’s one facing the back side of an iPad. According to Dekke, these spongy layers are made of so-called “Nanofoam”, which is a type of microscopic suction pad material. There are thousands of small air pockets that act as suction cups, which are keeping this whole construction in its place. What this also means is that you can place Slope on almost any surface and it will firmly stick to it by creating a vacuum. The same goes for the suction pad that sticks to your iPad. What’s important to say is that this layer doesn’t leave any residue and you’ll need simply to pick up your tablet, since it won’t be stuck too hard.

Slope 2

It’s clear that Slope is probably one of the most interesting iPad stands that I’ve had a chance of reviewing. Even though it looks very simple and light, it successfully solves many problems and potential issues. The only thing that I believe some people will mind is that you’ll get only one viewing angle, but I believe this is a fair tradeoff in this case.

Slope is being sold in two editions, so you can use with the standard iPad, as well as with the iPad Mini. Big sized Slope is priced at $60, while Slope Mini could be purchased for $55.


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