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PROS: Simple but very effective application. Easy to set up and use. CONS: None.

It is certain that Skype has become the most popular VoIP client, and it is keeping its rank for a very long time. In fact, I’ve noticed that many people aren’t aware that Skype is only a provider of VoIP service, and there are countless other providers and applications that you can use. All of these services are known as VoIP (which stands for Voice over IP), but they actually use a protocol called SIP which enables this communication.

In this article we are going to take a look at a very simple application, created to be used with numerous VoIP providers. It is simply called Telephone, and you can download it from the OSX App Store free of charge.

Telephone is created to be used as a standard VoIP client, assuming that you’ve got your own VoIP provider. This is actually a very simple app, which is a complete contrast to Skype which I believe has become very bloated and unnecessary large in terms of interface design and functionality as well. What Telephone can do is to allow you to make and answer calls, mute, hold, transfer, or put a call on waiting. As you can see these are pretty standard options, and besides a few small others, you shouldn’t expect any bells and whistles with Telephone.

Telephone 2

When I say that this is a small and simple application, I am not saying that this is a negative thing. It’s actually very refreshing to see an application that’s focused and nicely designed, since I’ve spent a lot time using Skype. With Telephone, all you’ve got on your screen is a small dialog box with a text field. Once you start a call, this application will retain its minimalism, so basic call controls are cleverly organized and take a very small space.

Since this application takes very small space on your screen, it might be tiresome using it on an iMac with 27-inch screen. That’s why there are keyboard shortcuts, so Telephone is perfectly usable on large screens as well.

Once you open Telephone for the first time you’ll need to enter a few details about your VoIP provider. In case you need to enter a very specific details like SIP address, server and port numbers, you can go to Preferences where you’ll find these options. You’ll also see that you can use any 3rd party sound input and output devices, so you can use your own VoIP headphones in case you own one.

When it comes to performance, I need to say that I haven’t encountered a single glitch. I’ve tried all those call options that I’ve mentioned earlier, and everything worked perfectly each time. I’ve also done some research around the web looking for user reviews, like I always do, and I am happy to say that users of Telephone shared my experiences.

In case you’re tired of Skype, or if you simple want to try a much simpler VoIP solution, I would recommend Telephone. It’s very simple, works great, and it’s completely free of charge.


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