No matter if you’re a native speaker or if you’re trying to learn English as a second language, having a reliable digital dictionary is always a good idea. As you probably know, there’s already a very good and reliable Dictionary app that comes with every OSX version. I believe this is one of the most underused tools within OSX, and most users aren’t even aware how Dictionary app can help them with numerous everyday tasks, no matter if that’s web browsing, writing e-mails, doing some research, writing term papers, and much more.

In this article we’ll take a look at the latest tool created by Agile Tortoise. This company is the creator of Terminology, which is an iOS tool used as dictionary and thesaurus. We’ll be taking a look at its third major revision (named Terminology 3), which can be purchased using the iOS App Store for $3.

Terminology 3 1

Terminology 3, as it turns out, isn’t a new tool and has been around for quite some time. Those iOS users who already know how essential it is to have a good dictionary on their iPhones are aware of this application, so there’s already a very large user base. The newest version is designed for iOS7, which means that it brings very minimalistic and nicely designed interface, which allows you to quickly get the job done and continue with your workflow.

Once I started to explore all parts of this little application I realized that there are numerous interesting features, so I am going to explain them by dividing them into two major groups. This means that Terminology 3 is part dictionary and thesaurus, and part research tool.

Terminology 3 2

The main role of this iOS application is to define a word, which means that it helps you with terminology. Simply input a word and you’ll get a very concise explanation, as well as a list of synonyms which are divided into less specific and more specific entries. Your search entries are going to be saved, so you can review them later, and you can also create a list of favorites as well.

When it comes to using Terminology 3 as a research tool, this can be especially helpful if you’re using your iPad to access information. In other words, this app is made to work with other iOS applications through customizable actions. This means that you can use Terminology to give you a definition of a word, and by clicking on the list of actions you can continue your research via Wikipedia, Google, Urban Dictionary, Wolfram Alpha, and many more. The list of actions depends on how many applications you’ve got installed, so it can also work with note taking applications and Apple’s Pages as well. The bottom line is that Terminology 3 is designed to become a very important part of your research workflow, so you can easily copy and transfer text from one iOS app to another.

For only $3, Terminology 3 offers incredible digital research tool. It’s nicely designed and easy to use, and features several very useful tools. There’s nothing not to like about this application.


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