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PROS: Easy installation. Quality made. Incredible protection. CONS: Some small annoyances.

We can all agree that the newest iPhone generation is one of the best examples of today’s industrial design. It is a well-known fact that designers and engineers at Apple spend a lot of time perfecting small details, simply to make sure that each aspect of your phone works the way it should. So after you leave an Apple Store what you got in your hands is a perfectly designed smartphone, but which is also a big investment. That’s why many iPhone users tend to buy some kind of protection to keep their phones safe from scratches, dirt, and sudden drops.

Speaking of iPhone protection, you can find all kinds of cases, sleeves, small bags, and almost anything you can possibly imagine. Designers and manufacturers of 3rd party accessories are working very hard to bring you innovative and interesting products, whose main role is to protect your iPhone. In this article we are going to talk about one of those products, but that’s not going to be yet another case, but instead a screen protector.

Having a screen protector is maybe even more important than using a case, since you need to make sure that the touchscreen surface doesn’t get scratched or damaged in such way that it causes serious problems. We are about to tell you more about Tru-Fit HD screen protector, which doesn’t only provide protection, but also provides matte finish that doesn’t reflect light.

Tru-Fit HD 1

In the packaging you’ll receive two Tru-Fit HD films, along with a microfiber cloth, a sticky sheet, and a plastic frame which eases up the process of installation. This is a very advanced screen protector, and it comes in four layers, where each of those has a specific role. With that said, Tru-Fit HD is consisted of a static adhesion layer which sticks to your screen, and on top of it there’s an advanced polymer resin, high-quality PET film, and a matte protective coat. That’s why this product is priced at $20, which is more than a price of most iPhone screen protectors.

When it comes to installation, you’ll be provided with tools that will ease up this job. First you’ll need to position the plastic frame and inside it you’ll place the Tru-Fit HD film. Now remove any dirt from the screen using the provided cloth, and there’s also a sticky sheet which can remove even the smallest particles and protect the screen until you’re ready to apply the final protection. Now simply remove the sticky sheet, and place your phone downwards into the frame.

When it comes to protective role, I believe that this is one of the most reliable screen protectors that you can find. Even after months of use the adhesive layer will be still strong, and scratches are kept away from the surface. Also, light reflection is improved and contents of the screen are more visible under the direct sunlight. But this all comes with a (small) price, since the screen protector will impact the clarity of Retina display.


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