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PROS: Amazingly designed UI, very clean and modern. Offers a full set of features. Interesting gesture controls. CONS: Some annoying bugs and glitches. No push notifications.

When it comes to using Twitter on our iPhones, it seems that everyone has its own preferred iOS client. Some people like nice and tidy design, while others look for advanced functionality and some innovative features. There are also those applications that try to combine great design with amazing functionality, and you can see these Twitter clients in the top-selling list of iOS App Store applications.

In case you’ve already switched to iOS7, than you’re probably enjoying in flat design and its pleasing simplicity. Many popular iOS applications already pushed out new versions which are usually bringing new interface design, along with new colors and fonts. In case your favorite Twitter client didn’t embrace new design principles, we’ll give you a suggestion for a pretty good replacement. This is an application named Tweet7, and could be purchased for $3 right from the iOS App Store.

Tweet7 2

Right after you open Tweet7 for the first time you’ll see that this application is trying to show you how a Twitter client designed for iOS7 should look like. In almost every aspect of its interface you can see iOS7 influence, and you can see that in opaque menus which show layers hidden underneath, and there’s also a complete lack of menus and toolbars. This application actually tries to focus only on content, and it’s doing a very good job.

After you’ve opened Tweet7 and after you’ve signed-in with your account, you’ll immediately see the main timeline with numerous feeds which show a user picture along with timestamp, and a body of a feed which could be text or a picture. When it comes to displaying inline images, Tweet7 is doing an excellent job since images look very large and gorgeous. In case you don’t like additional scrolling because of these images, you can turn them off at any time.

If you take a look at the screenshots posted with this article you’ll see a blue bar on the right side of the screen. This line hides three menus, and you can see that it goes from dark deep blue to a very light blue. These three menus are your mentions, direct messages, and your profile as well. You’ll need to swipe to the left to revel each of these three segments, and it’ll bring a set of corresponding functions.

There are a lot of things to like about Tweet7. I believe that its biggest selling point is its amazing UI design, but it also brings many interesting features as well. Most Twitter users will be happy with all the features they’ll get, so this application is a very nice combination of design and functionality. Still, I need to say that there are some annoying glitches and bugs that I hope will be solved soon. For example, when you return to this app it will take you to the top of your timeline and not to a place where you’ve been before. It also needs better connection to other applications, since currently you can’t even use links outside of its built-in browser. And finally, I’d like to see push notifications as well.


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