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PROS: Interesting concept, but poor execution. Affordable. CONS: Seems unfinished in many aspects. Poor protection role.

Watson Wallet Folio 3A few weeks back we brought you a review of one of the latest iPhone cases made by Incipio. This case was called Watson, and as it turns out this is the name of the newest product lineup. Incipio decided to bring the same name to all cases, so currently you can find Watson for the iPhone 5/5S, as well as for the iPhone 5C. In this article we are bringing you a review of the Watson case for iPad Air.

Besides sharing the same name, this product lineup carries several features which are in common for all of them. For example, you can always expect to see a combination of traditional folio case and removable plastic shell case, and you can also expect to see faux leather and elastic band which keeps things firm and in their place. Watson Wallet Folio (for iPad Air) is priced at $50, and you can choose from five colors: black, purple, pink, blue, and dark green. You should also know that not all of these colors are available at the moment, but you can preorder them.

Watson Wallet Folio is actually a system made of two pieces. You’ll receive a standard looking folio case, but you’ll notice that the back part comes with plastic brackets which are designed to hold the shell case. This case is also included and could be used on its own, but it’s made to be used as a part of this system. The good news is that the case is designed to firmly hold the tablet, which is a good thing. You’ll actually need to push it a bit stronger than usual until it nicely clicks into the case. Now you can place the tablet into the plastic brackets of the folio case. As I’ve said earlier, you can always remove the tablet (along with the shell case) if you need to use it outside the folio case, but I wouldn’t recommend this since the protection this case provides is not that reliable. Also, the screen and portions of the edges are left exposed, so it’s not advisable to use it as a standalone product.

Watson Wallet Folio 2

Speaking of Watson Wallet Folio, it’s very thin even though it brings layered design. I feel that I needed to be extra careful while using it, since the front cover isn’t as sturdy as it should be, nor is its back side. What I liked about this case is that it comes with three pockets, where you can place credit cards and some cash. There’s also an elastic band that keeps this case shut, so you don’t have to worry if those credit cards will fall out.

What’s also important to say is that Watson Wallet Folio can be used as a stand. Unfortunately, you’ll be able to use only one viewing angle, which seems suitable only for watching movies. I am not sure why designers decided not to implement another viewing angle, suitable for typing. This seems like a very strange and unfinished design decision, as well as this whole product. 


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