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PROS: Effortless setup. Great performance. Can be used in many different ways. Affordable. CONS: None.

Apple is known for keeping their ecosystem of applications and technology in a very closed manner, making is somewhat hard to play outside that circle. One example is usability of AirPlay feature, which enables easy mirroring between multiple Apple-made devices, but this functionality is very limited and tightly controlled by this company. For example, AirPlay and AirDrop could play crucial roles in communication between any iOS device and a desktop or portable Mac, but this feature isn’t enabled yet. Of course, you can use AirPlay to stream content from your iOS devices and Macs directly to Apple TV, or to exchange files using AirDrop but only between iOS devices or between Macs. This means that it will take some until Apple decides to fully unleash the potential of communication between your phone and a computer.

Luckily, you can download some very interesting apps which are designed to successfully bridge the gap between iOS and OSX. We already reviewed one of the most popular mirroring apps named AirServer, and we’re very impressed by its features and performance. Today we are going to take a look at another similar app, which comes with some innovative features that may be interesting for a broader range of users. This app is called X-Mirage.

X-Mirage 2

X-Mirage is designed to offer two main roles and those are AirPlay streaming and effortless recording of your iOS device screen. This app is priced at $16 and could be downloaded from its official website. You can’t expect to download an application like this from the Mac App Store, for obvious reasons.

Now, a few words on how this applications actually works. First you’ll need to open X-Mirage on your Mac in order to set-up the initial pieces of connection. You can choose which iOS device you’re mirroring, so you can use proper resolution and window size. Also, you can choose the AirPlay name and password. Now take your iOS device and make sure that AirPlay is enabled so you should be able to see the chosen AirPlay name of your computer, and with just one tap you’ll instantly see the screen of your iOS device on your Mac.

The first impression that I’ve got is that X-Mirage enables amazing AirPlay performance. It depends on your Wi-Fi speed, but in most cases you won’t notice any lag in transmission. You’ll also get to see AirPlay-enabled menu which enables recording, so you can tap an icon to record and simply use your iPhone as normal until you decide to stop the recording. You’ll get to choose the video format and quality, so you can automatically save it or upload it using QuickTime.

What’s interesting about X-Mirage is how useful it can be, and I believe that each one of us can find a suitable role for this application. For example, gamers can play iOS games (which now come with astonishing graphics) on a large screen, while developers can easily record their apps in action. Average home users can connect multiple iOS devices and simultaneously play games, show pictures and videos, or play movies and TV shows right from their phones.


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