In case you’ve ever searched for some kind of a carrying case or a bag for your iPad, you’ve probably seen one of those interesting cases made by TwelveSouth, named BookBook. This is a product series created for all kinds of Apple-designed devices (desktop and handheld as well) that resembles an old book which is actually a carrying case for a device and a number of accessories as well. There are several editions of BookBooks, which are all very popular.

As it was expected to happen, TwelveSouth recently introduced BookBook edition made for an iPad. This one is called BookBook Travel Journal and it’s priced at $100. Continue reading to see what the newest editions holds and if there’s some improvement over its predecessors.

BookBook Travel Journal 2

BookBook Travel Journal is made to hold any of Apple’s tablets as well as numerous accessories. It’s being advertised as a carrying case for all iPad-related things, from the tablet itself, up to headphones, styluses, stands, and anything else you can fit inside. This case is 11.3” tall, 8” wide, and 1.9” deep, which means that it’s large enough to hold everything mentioned in the last sentence, but on the other side – it’s not too large nor heavy, so you can easily carry it around with you.

Like other BookBooks, this product is designed to resemble an old hardbound book. The covers are made of quality leather which feels great in hand. Designers also took proper care of the spine which features very quality stitching and holds all the parts together. It’s clear that this is one of the most quality made iPad carrying cases, and I expect you’ll be using it for a long time. Also, if you take a look at the pictures, you’ll see that there’s imitation of pages between the covers. This part is designed to hold the covers together using two zippers, and it’s also made of leather.

BookBook Travel Journal 1

On the inside you’ll find plenty of differently sized pockets. On the left side there’s a large Velcro flap which hides the biggest pocket used to hold any iPad. This pocket offers plenty of space, so you can also use a Smart Cover or a thin case for your tablet. On top of this large pocket you’ll find three smaller pockets with elastic bands on top. These are used to hold cables, earbuds, chargers, and any of those small accessories. On the bottom you’ll find a third pocket which features a leather flap, so this is where you can place your iPhone or an iPod as well.

While the left side is designed to hold your tablet and numerous smaller accessories, the right side is made to hold one or two large devices or accessories. This is where you’ll find adjustable elastic bands. You’ll be able to store even those large headphones (which can be folded flat), or perhaps a couple of notebooks.

When it comes to carrying cases, BookBooks are in the category of their own. I think we can all agree these they are nicely designed and very quality made. BookBook Travel Journal is no exception, and it’s also highly functional as well.


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