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PROS: Very affordable. Quality made. Long battery life. CONS: Very limited in functionality. Very problematic iOS app.

You probably already know that you can use some very capable activity trackers with your iPhone. These products have been around for a couple of years, and lately we’ve seen their latest generations which are now utilizing highly-capable Bluetooth LE in order to send a lot of data by only using a fraction of battery power. In case you’re interested in reading reviews of these latest-generation trackers, we already offer reviews of Jawbone UP24 and the newest Nike+ FuelBand, with more to come.

In this article we’ll take a look at another activity tracker, but which comes from a new company. Actually, this company is called Bowflex and it’s a well-known manufacturer of exercise machines, so it’s new only in terms of its iOS market presence. This tracker is simply called the Boost, and it comes with a very attractive price of only $50.

Bowflex Boost 2

When it comes to design of Bowflex Boost, it isn’t as attractive as other trackers and it brings very simple design. This could be a good thing for those who don’t like design of Jawbone’s or Nike’s trackers, so I am sure that there are a lot of potential users for this product. As you can see from the pictures, this is a wristband-type of tracker which is approximately 10” long and 0.75” wide. It’s made of very strong silicone band which brings 14 holes allowing you to adjusting it to your wrist. Once you place it around your wrist you’ll see the tracker module on the top, which is also covered in silicone layer. On the top there’s a button and a small indentation which is actually a signal light.

According to Bowflex, this tracker brings battery which lasts for 11 days which is proven true. You’ll be able to charge it via separate charging pod which needs to be connected to the tracking module of this wristband. The battery is fully charged after only one hour of charging.

When it comes to functionality, the Bowflex Boost tracks steps, distance, burnt calories, and time slept. You’ll need to use its iOS app to see these results as well as to set-up your everyday goals. This way you can check how close you are to your goal by pressing the button. This will make the signal light glow red, orange, or green. You can also hold the button down for a few seconds to put the Boost into sleep tracking mode. If you press the button for about five seconds, this will trigger the syncing with your iPhone.

Bowflex Boost 3

Since there’s no display on this activity tracker, you’ll need to use its iOS app to check your results. I need to say that I was disappointed with this app in terms of its design and data it provides. As it turns out, the Bowflex Boost provides only very basic data, especially if you compare it to other popular activity trackers which are incredibly powerful. As I’ve said earlier, you’ll only get to see how much calories you’ve burnt, how many steps you’ve taken, total distance, and how much time you’ve slept.

Even though it’s priced at $50, which does sound very tempting, I would still recommend spending $100 and more on an activity tracker in case you really plan on using it on a daily basis. There’s huge difference in the Bowflex Boost and other trackers like Jawbone UP, so spending additional $50 is a good decision.


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