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PROS: Nicely designed interface, flat and simplistic. Great performance. A lot of useful features. CONS: A bit pricey.

There’s no need to tell you that you can find several incredibly effective email clients in the iOS App Store. These applications are competing against each other in more ways than one, which now means that you can find amazing applications which are either free of charge or very affordable. Still, I would recommend finding more about an application you’re interested in, since when it comes to email clients there are several things to be concerned about, so by reading reviews like this one you can find potential issues. For example, you need to find out if an email client will work with your provider, if it supports push notifications, are there any advanced features, and if it’s going to sync regularly.

In this article we’ll talk about an application named CloudMagic. This is one of the latest additions to the iOS App Store, and it’s interesting to note that many popular websites already noticed this little application, which is always a very good sign. This is an email client that’s promising to enhance your workflow, and it’s free of charge, so we decided to take a look.

CloudMagic 1

In order for a third-party email client to succeed in the iOS App Store, it needs to convince you to use it over Apple’s own Mail app and it also competes against other highly usable (free and paid) applications. This means that each of these solutions need to have at least one interesting and unique selling point, and when it comes to CloudMagic this feature is ability to search across multiple email accounts.

When I opened CloudMagic for the first time I was surprised by its nicely designed interface. At first, you’ll need to add at least one email account and you’ll get to choose from numerous services and providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook/Hotmail, iCloud, and there’s even Office 365, Google Apps, Exchange, or any other IMAP account. This is something I really liked since most of newly released email clients are very limited in this aspect. Simply input your credentials and you’ll be ready to go.

When it comes to the main window of CloudMagic, it brings traditional design. This means that you’ll be able to swipe left to reveal all your accounts, or to see labels and other folders within one email account. Interface design is very flat and simplistic, yet it looks and feels great. You’ll get to use all the standard tools that you would normally see in an iOS email client, with the addition of several new ones. For example, if you tap and hold a star icon, you’ll get to pick a timeframe when you need to respond to a message. This way you’ll receive a push notification reminding you to finish this task.

The biggest selling point of CloudMagic is ability to search across email accounts, and this is something that you wouldn’t normally see in iOS email clients. This feature works great and it always returned accurate results. I believe this is something that many potential users will find very useful.

As I’ve said earlier, CloudMagic is free to download and use. You’ll get to use 3 accounts, and each email you send will contain “Sent from CloudMagic” signature. In order to gain full access you’ll need to upgrade to its Pro account, which is priced at $50 annually. Even though this sounds expensive, you’ll get a lot for your money, so I would recommend at least trying this application for a while.


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