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PROS: Nicely designed interface, very clean and minimalistic. Packed with tons of great features. Good performance. Continuous development. CONS: None.

When it comes to journaling on the iOS platform, there’s one application that really stands out. In case you like journaling, or if you’re just starting and looking for a perfect app in the iOS App Store, than you’ve already noticed an application named Day One. This is one of the most comprehensive solutions when it comes to note taking and tracking your thoughts and ideas, which already managed to attract very large user base and numerous awards.

In order to stay on top it’s not enough just to create an amazing application, but to continuously develop it and never stop refining it. This is why Day One managed to take awards like Mac App of the Year, and to be one of the most recommended applications in the iOS App Store. Just a few days ago a new version was released (version 1.12) which brought a completely new interface and some additional features, so now it is the perfect time to review it.

Day One 1

Day One is designed to be used as a digital journal, but in practice you can use it in many different ways. For example, you can use Day One to make to-do lists, write down thoughts and ideas, create reminders, make snapshots and attach some text, and much more. We’ll try to explain some of its main features, so continue reading to find out more about this amazing application.

Simply said, you can use Day One to create small notes which can contain a picture, some text, and a lot of additional context data like tags, weather, time and date, your location, music playing, and even activity data which is utilizing newly introduced M7 coprocessor. As you can see this is a very powerful note taking application which can be used in numerous different ways. On the other hand, there are some amazing tools which are there to help you sort out hundreds of notes so you can easily organize them and stay on top of things. For example, you can search by keyword or using tags, and you can also browse entries in calendar-view, timeline, or by browsing a map. You can also easily share a note via e-mail or selected social networks. To me, Day One is a note taking app on steroids, but for someone else this could be a powerful journaling app or a diary, or even a diet tracker. This is its biggest selling point.

What I also wanted to say is that Day One isn’t just a nicely designed application that also brings some amazing functionality, since it also packs some background services as well. Some of these are silent iCloud and Dropbox backups, MultiMarkdown support, and ability to sync with its desktop counterpart. What this all tells me is that there’s some serious work behind this application that continues to grow with each new update.

Day One can be purchased via iOS App Store for $5. In case you’d like to use its desktop version, you can download it from the Mac App Store for $10.


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