Day Trip, by Duracell
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PROS: Very small and light. Includes the Lightning cable. Compatible with other Duracell charging solutions. Affordable. CONS: None really.

When it comes to providing your phone with additional power source, there are some very good choices available. Even if you’re using the latest generation of iOS devices (which are being powered through the Lightning port), there are numerous battery packs which are fully compatible with these devices. If you follow our reviews right here on MacReview, than you probably know that we are big fans of external battery packs, since they can greatly prolong your iPhone’s running time at a low cost. Of course, before purchasing any battery pack it’s always a good idea to do a little research or to read reviews like this one, since not all products work as advertised, and you can also find reliable recommendations for some alternative solutions.

A few months back we’ve reviewed Duracell’s wireless charging solution, which comes as a dedicated iPhone case and a wireless charging mat. This case is called the PowerSnap Kit and you could pair it with different PowerMats. In today’s article we’ll present you the newest product by Duracell which could be used as a standalone battery pack, but which could be also paired with those previously reviewed charging solutions. In case this all sounds confusing than keep reading and you’ll get a chance to find more about Durcell’s iPhone-compatible charging solutions.

Day Trip 2

The product we’re about to review is called Day Trip, and this is the battery pack which comes with 1850mAh battery inside. It’s priced at $60 and could be purchased directly from Duracell’s online shop, but you can also find it at numerous resellers. As it turns out, Duracell introduced three new battery packs, so you can also find Overnighter (4400mAh, at $80), and Longhaul (8800mAh, at $130).

Day Trip is the smallest battery pack from the current Duracell’s lineup, and it’s designed to fully recharge even the newest iPhone 5S. Even though you can find numerous battery packs with very large capacities, Day Trip is designed to be easily placed in a pocket, so it’s very mobile and portable. I also noticed that it’s very quality made, so I assume that you could be able to use it for a long time even if you don’t really take proper care and even drop it sometimes.

Day one comes with micro-USB and Apple Lightning connectors, so you can fully recharge your iPhone but you can also charge any other devices which are micro-USB compatible. Also, you can recharge this battery pack via micro-USB cable, but you can also use Duracell’s PowerMat in case you own one, which means that it’s able of recharging wirelessly. It’s also important to say that you’ll see four LED lights on one of the sides of this battery pack, which indicate how much power there’s left.

For the price of $60 you’ll receive a quality made battery pack which comes with some very interesting features. It’s fully compatible with the iPhone 5/5S/5C, comes with the Lightning cable included, and is able of recharging wirelessly. With all of this said, it’s clear that Day Trip is a good deal.


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