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PROS: Nicely designed interface, clean and smart. Good performance. Reliable solution. CONS: None really.

I guess that most users are not big fans of regular maintenance tasks which need to be performed regularly in order for their computers to run without a glitch. When it comes to Macs, you should know that every OSX version already comes with some tools which are designed to run in the background, and these are trying to delete old files and perform disk checks. Even though this is truly helpful, you still need an application that’s designed to automate and ease up regular OSX maintenance.

In today’s article we are going to talk about an application named Disk Diag. This application is designed to help you clean up old files, as well as to make sure that you won’t delete some important system data. You can download Disk Diag from the Mac App Store for free.

Disk Diag 3

There’s very rough competition when it comes to maintenance-oriented applications, where it’s not only important how many useful features they bring, but how well designed they are. That’s why you can see applications like CleanMyMac 2 and Daisy Disk, which we’ve reviewed in the past. These applications bring nicely designed UI, clean and modern typography, smooth animations, and amazing functionality as well. Now let’s see how Disk Diag competes with these applications, and what it offers.

Once you open Disk Diag you’ll be greeted with a fairly small window, which is clearly inspired by iPhone’s screen size. This seems like a good design decision, since this application doesn’t bring a lot of different tools, so it creates a suitable interface which doesn’t seem too simple nor complex. You’ll see a “speedometer” and a Start button. This speedometer-inspired element has several roles, and it shows progress of searching for old files, as well as how much space these files take, as well as the ratio of free/taken space on your hard drive. What’s interesting to note is that there are subtle and nicely designed animations, which is something you’ll need to experience for yourself. For example, that “Start” button beats in small intervals.

Disk Diag 1

Disk Diag is designed to look for old and unnecessary files in your Trash, Downloads, and Mail Downloads folders, and it also searches for logs and caches. You’ll get a detailed report on sizes of these files, so you can review them before deleting them. Process of scanning and deleting is very fast and effortless, and I was very happy with these speeds and their minimal impact on my OSX.

A lot of nice things could be said for Disk Diag, and I believe that many people will find it very useful. It’s nicely designed and performs very well, so there’s nothing not to like about it. This application can’t be really compared to Daisy Disk and CleanMyMac, which are both paid solutions, and which are designed to bring numerous maintenance tools. In contrast, Disk Diag only helps you get rid of old and unwanted files, but it’s completely free of charge and it’s doing its job amazingly well. 


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