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PROS: Nicely designed UI. Complements its OSX version. Free of charge (for now). CONS: Doesn’t bring anything new to this service. Still overpriced as a whole package.

In the past, Realmac Software usually brought us some very interesting applications which are unique in a way that they bring original concepts. We already reviewed some of their solutions for scrapbooking, screenshot taking, and there was also an app that applies effects onto pictures from your iOS device.

One of those applications that we already reviewed is called Ember, and as it turns out – this application gained a very powerful user base. Ember is used to organize images on your Mac, and it comes with some very powerful and unique sorting options. Just like we said in our previous review of Ember for OSX, this application is designed for dedicated users, since it’s priced at $50 and it really takes some time until you learn how to get the most out of it.

Ember for iOS 3

In today’s article we’ll take a look at recently published Ember for iOS, which is something that many fans of this application waited for a long time. With this application, Realmac Software is trying to create a whole image syncing service, so it can compete with Apple’s Photo Stream technology as well as some creative cloud solutions like Dropbox. Ember for iOS is free at the moment, but soon it will bring some premium features which are going to be sold as in-app purchases.

The first thing I noticed about Ember for iOS is how nicely designed it is, and that it clearly brings the same vision of simple image organizer from its OSX counterpart. It brings iOS7-inspired flat design, and it can usefully compete against Apple’s own Photo app. As you would expect, this app brings iCloud sync, so if you already own desktop version of Ember, content will be automatically uploaded and synced. The good news is that even though this is its 1.0 version you can still get many desktop-native features, so this is a fully usable app. You’ll get to organize images any way you like and sort them out according to their sizes, colors, or according to a device they came from. The main difference between this app and Apple’s Photo is that with Ember you can create albums which feature the same photo over and over, while Photo app needs to have a certain photo loaded in the Camera Roll before it can be sorted in an album. That’s why you can accidentally and permanently delete a photo with Apple’s Photo app, which limits its functionality.

Ember for iOS 2

Besides saving, organizing, and viewing images, you’ll be able to share them as well. Sharing features are pretty standard for any iOS7 app, so you’ll get to send them in a message or post them online. You can also use AirDrop to share an image with others.

Ember for iOS doesn’t bring anything new to this service, expect the fact that you can now use your iOS devices to capture and organize images. There are no new features, which still means that I believe that $50 is way too much for this application, even if it comes with a completely free iOS version.


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