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PROS: Nicely designed UI, very clean and logical. Could be of great help. CONS: Performance is a bit sluggish at times.

There are numerous ways to discover new applications and games for your iPhone or iPad. Probably the first choice for most of us is browsing the iOS App Store where you find those applications that Apple highlighted, even though you can also browse top-selling apps or to simply go through the whole catalog. You can also read reviews around the web (like right here, on where you can read expert and user opinions on how a particular app works. But there’s also another way, and that’s to use specialized iOS apps which are designed to help you discover other applications.

In today’s article we’ll be a taking a look at Freapp, which is an iOS application designed to help you find interesting applications and games, and to share your findings with your friends. This application is free to download and use, and you can download its freshly released 2.5 version right from the iOS App Store.

Freapp 1

Applications which are designed to help you find other applications aren’t a new thing, and there are hundreds of those in the iOS App Store. What’s common for most of them is that they try to offer as many features and “deals” as possible, which usually results in very crowded interface design and limited functionality. Once I opened Freapp for the first time, I’ve noticed that this is not one of those applications.

Freapp offers you five main categories, which you can find as five icons in the bottom-positioned toolbar. Those are: Daily, Sales, Home, Apps, and Games. The first one, Daily, is designed to bring you daily deals on some iOS applications. It’s very similar to Sales tab, where you find a list of premium applications which can be now downloaded free of charge. There’s no true difference between these two tabs, expect that daily deals aim to be a bit more exclusive even though I believe these might be sponsored offers.

Besides giving you tips on applications which were premium once, there’s another important side of Freapp and that is its social side. You’ll be able to create your own account, where you can review applications that you’ve downloaded and tried. This way you can be in touch with your friends who are also using this application, but you can also follow other users. Some of those users are very experienced, and they provide numerous reviews, so this is yet another interesting way to find a new iOS application. This feature goes hand in hand with the rest of the tabs (Apps and Games), where you can browse through the catalogue of Frepp and read reviews and ratings.

I guess that most of us can benefit from an application like Freapp, since there’s incredible number of amazing games and applications which are hidden somewhere in the App Store. This can be especially helpful if you’re search for a very particular type of an application, and this is where Freapp really shines. The only thing that I mind when it comes to this application is its performance which can be a bit slow at times, but this could be just a temporary state.


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