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PROS: Easy to set-up and use. Good performance. CONS: Overly simplified and limited. There’s a lot of room for improvement.

Before cloud services appeared, we all used FTP to upload files to a server so they can be shared via generated web links. As you know, FTP is still used to upload and modify files connected to a specific web address, which means that this is the way to create websites and modify their content. Still, ever since numerous cloud services appeared, they overtook file sharing since this is now the easiest way to share even those large files and can be used by anyone.

In this article we’ll tell you more about an application that’s created for those who still use FTP protocols. It’s named FTP Dropper and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store for $1.

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As you’ll soon realize, FTP Dropper is designed to upload files to a web server, so they can be easily shared via generated web address. This is also the way to upload new content to your website, in case you use FTP to maintain your website.

FTP Dropper is located in OSX’s menu bar, where you’ll see an icon represented by a cloud with a plus sign in its middle part. Upon its first run you’ll need to share your FTP credentials and other parameters as well, in order for files to be automatically uploaded. This is the one-time setup, so you’ll be able to send files without any distractions in the future. Now in order to send a file, all you need to do is to drag and drop in onto this application. You’ll see a progress bar only if you open FTP Dropper, where you’ll be presented with a drop-down interface, and you’ll hear a sound once this upload reaches the server.

Speaking of this upload process, there’s one issue that I’ve experienced with FTP Dropper. As it turns out, this application isn’t able of handling multiple files at once, so you’ll need to drag and drop every single file that you’d like to upload. I assume that most users would like to upload a bunch of files to their web servers, and in many cases there really are a lot of files that need to be uploaded if you’re creating a web page or modifying one. So this is something that severely limits the functionality of this application.

I also need to mention that after you upload a file, you’ll get an auto-generated URL which will be copied to your clipboard. This URL will be an ftp:// link by default, and it may show your server’s IP address and even some extra folders, fully exposing the folder path. This means that you’ll need to modify this URL every single time, changing it into http:// and removing unnecessary pieces of it.

I am sure that there are a lot of people who are always trying to find the next best FTP solution. I am sad to say that FTP Dropper isn’t one of them, since it’s very limited and simple, yet it comes as a priced solution. If you take a look at the Mac App Store I am sure you’ll find many other interesting choices, where some of them are completely free of charge.


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