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PROS: Quality made, very sturdy and firm. Easy set up. Works as advertised. Affordable. CONS: None really.

Over the past year, we’ve seen some tries of iPhone-compatible wireless charging implementation. These products tried to bring wireless charging to iOS devices, but most of them failed. This is mostly because it’s very hard to bring such technology via 3rd party accessories, since it doesn’t come built into a device. The result is a bulky case or a stand, which is also quite expensive. We took a look at some of those devices like RAVPower Wireless Charger, the PowerSnap Kit, and there was the Magnetyze as well. All of those devices were disappointments, making us wait for the next great solution.

In today’s article we are bringing you a review of yet another wireless charging solution, but this one is very different than the rest. As you’ll see, the iPort is a very successful attempt of bringing wireless charging to your iPad.

iPort 2

Full name of this product is iPort – Charge Case and Stand, and there are two versions currently available. The first one is compatible with the 4th generation iPad, while the other one is compatible with the first generation iPad mini. As you can see, you won’t be able to use iPort with the iPad Air or the newest iPad mini, but support for these products should arrive in early 2014.

In order to charge your tablet wirelessly you’ll need to place it inside the provided case, which is than paired with the charging base. The case is made of hard matte plastic, where you can simply slide your iPad into the bottom part and then just slide over the top part. It adds little to thickness and weight. What’s important to say is that you’ll be able to use your own Smart Cover to protect the screen, which is something I really appreciated. Another thing is that the Lightning port is covered with removable part. This way you can still use it in case you need to connect some accessory or charge it away from the base. On the other hand, I didn’t like that the case isn’t covering all the buttons, which are easy to reach but fully exposed.

iPort 1

Once you’ve placed your iPad inside the case, every time you place it onto the stand it will begin charging. This goes for both orientations, which is yet another interesting design feature. When it comes to the charging base, it’s quite heavy (approximately 1.5 pounds), which isn’t the bad thing. There are two things which need to be said here. First, you’ll be able to use three viewing angles which are very sturdy and firm, and they range from 25 up 75 degrees. The second thing is that the charging station brings 12W power supply, which means that your iPad will be charged at a fast rate than usual.

Even though there are some small quirks, the iPort is probably the best available product which brings wireless charging to iPads. It comes priced at $100 for the iPad mini version, and $130 for the bigger one, which is still a very good price and a reasonable deal.


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