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PROS: Very fast performance. Offers several unique features. Feature-rich service, even in its free version. CONS: None really.

You’re probably already using a cloud service in order to keep some important files away from your hard drive, to share files with your friends and colleagues, or to keep files and folders in sync across computers and other handheld devices. As you can see, there are a lot of uses for cloud storage services, even if you’re just an average home user. With this said, I guess that you already use some popular solutions like Dropbox, Droplr, Google Drive, or any other of those numerous popular services.

I am using Dropbox ever since it was first introduced, and I’ve always been a loyal customer to this company. Even though you can always argue with someone if one service is better than another, you’ll always release that all of them come with some important drawbacks and benefits, so it’s important to check out what you’ll be getting for your money. On the other hand, if you’re loyal to a certain service for a while, it would be hard simply to switch over to another one. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take a look at the newest choices available.

Jumpshare 1

Jumpshare is probably the newest cloud storage and sharing solution, which has been in its beta phase for a while now. We’ll be taking a look at its first final version, which can be used through both free and premium accounts.

In order to battle its very capable opponents, Jumpshare decided to bring some unique features. The most useful one is ability to preview over 200 file formats directly in a web browser. I was pretty amazed to see how many different and interesting file formats are supported, and I even tried some more complex ones like AutoCAD (dwg/dwf) which worked very well.

Jumpshare 2

As you can imagine, Jumpshare also offers its own OSX upload tool which sits in the menu bar. On a first look this tool resembles any other upload tool, where you can see a list of recently uploaded files, and you can copy a link or directly share a file. However, once you decide to take a look at some very fine details, you’ll see some very interesting stuff.

First, I need to say that I was amazed with the speed of Jumpshare’s OSX tool. Uploads were very fast, syncing as well, and I was very happy with the overall performance. To upload a file you need to drag it over to Jumpshare’s icon. This will start the upload and automatically copy the link to your clipboard. This way you can compose a message containing that link. You can do the same for folders. This tool also comes with its own messaging system, so you can share a file privately. Recipient will be able to preview it in a web browser prior to downloading. I also need to say that this service offers statistics and other helpful info about your uploaded files.

Jumpshare offers 2GB of storage space and a built-in messaging system as a free account. You can also use Jumpshare Plus (10$/month), which features 50GB of storage, and some advanced features like scheduled sharing.




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