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PROS: Detachable Bluetooth keyboard. Very fluid and comfortable typing. CONS: Strange design decisions. Overpriced.

It seems that there are so many iPad-compatible keyboards on the market, making it harder than before to choose the one that will suit you the best. These keyboards now come with all kinds of cases, trying to pack as many helpful features as possible. This also reflected on their prices, so today you can find some premium-grade keyboards priced up to $100.

In case you like following MacReview’s articles, that you probably know that we already reviewed some of the most popular iPad keyboard cases. Since the iPad Air was introduced to the market, many manufacturers revamped their products, and there are many new accessories as well. A couple of months ago we’ve reviewed the KeyFolio Thin by Kensington, which is a well-known manufacturer of accessories made to work with computers, smartphones, and tablets. After the introduction of the newest iPad generation, Kensington decided to offer new keyboard cases so today you’ll get a chance to learn more about the latest KeyFolio products. There are actually three new keyboard cases, and those are KeyFolio Exact ($130), KeyFolio Executive ($100), and KeyFolio Pro ($100). Even though they come from the same product series, these are completely different products and today we’ll take a look at the highest priced one, the KeyFolio Exact.

KeyFolio Exact 3

For the price of $130 I expected a premium-grade product which packs amazing features and great design. So when I received the KeyFolio Exact I was a little bit disappointed. Even though it looks nice, it doesn’t feel premium. It’s unusually wide and covered in vinyl-like layer. On the top you’ll find a magnetic flap so when you unfold the case you’ll see its lengthy interior side. This is where you’ll find a plastic iPad case on one side, while there’s the plastic keyboard on the other side. In the central part you’ll find the holder for a stylus, which also acts as a spine for this whole construction. It will certainly take some time until you get accustomed to this product, which feels somewhat odd and uncomfortable in the beginning.

Once you place your iPad into the case, you’ll be able to fold it over into several different viewing angles, which is something I liked. You can even remove the keyboard, and this way you’ll get additional (semi-secure) viewing angles, so you’ll surely find the right fit. The stylus holder is also a nice addition.

KeyFolio Exact 2

When it comes to the keyboard this is probably the best thing about this product. It’s being held in place with magnets, which means that you can easily detach it and use it the way that suits you the best. This keyboard brings pretty much the standard layout, which isn’t always the case with iPad keyboard, so there’s no adjustment period needed. Typing can be very fluid, and there’s also a set of function keys using which you can control your tablet. It’s also interesting to note that you can purchase the KeyFolio Exact Pro, which costs $30 more and brings illuminated keys.

Even though I was happy with the keyboard, this product didn’t really leave the best possible impression. I also didn’t like its price, which feels quite unfounded.


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