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PROS: Incredibly interesting. Easy to set up. Works well, in most cases. CONS: There are a lot of users who are experiencing issues. Needs further development.

In case you like following the latest news about the iOS App Store trends, than you probably know that the bestselling apps usually come from the entertainment category. In most cases these are games, but from time to time a new and interesting iOS application appears and creates a social network hype. These apps usually bring some gimmick and in most cases these apps bring enhanced touch controls or innovative interface. In this article we’ll talk about the newest one.

If you’re active on social networks you’ve probably heard about an iOS app called Knock. This application is designed to unlock your Mac and grant you access by knocking on your iPhone. It sounds interesting enough, so I was very eager to see if all that hype is justified since in many cases these apps are trending for a month or so, and they become forgotten in a while.

Knock 2

In order to set up Knock, you’ll first need to download its OSX application, which could be found on the Mac App Store. Now you’ll need to download Knock for iOS (which is priced at $4) and it will use Bluetooth LE in order to pair these two applications. In case you’re wondering, Bluetooth LE is the low energy form of Bluetooth protocol, which won’t drain the battery. You’ll also need to provide your Mac’s password, and you’re ready to go. The next time you power on your Mac you’ll be greeted with a login screen, so in order to enter your OSX you’ll need to knock two times onto the iPhone’s screen. I literally mean to knock your iPhone’s screen, with you knuckles, which is what caused all this hype. This will unlock your Mac, and you’ll be granted access to your OSX.

In theory, this whole process seems very interesting and incredibly innovative. In practice there are some setbacks and problems. Some users experienced incompatibility with their Macs, but I guess that those users didn’t read the system requirements. In order for Knock to work you’ll need some of these models: iMac (2013 or newer), Mac Mini (2011 and newer), MacBook Pro (2012 and newer), or MacBook Air (2011 or newer). As you can see these are all fairly new models, so beware of this. In my case, I did experience one problem. Since I like to keep my iPhone placed right next to my computer, placed on a wooden desk, in many cases it happened that my computer gets unlocked while I was placing the phone onto my desk. This means that this is also something that you should be beware of.

Just like with every new idea, it takes some time until its get refined and ready for its primetime. Knock is still at its beginning, so it’s still just a gimmick and not a serious app. But it’s incredibly interesting and fun to use, so I would recommend it to any of my friends. You’ll just need to see it as an entertainment app, not as a serious security measure. This could change in the future.


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