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PROS: Clean and simple UI. Great performance. Offers several unique features. CONS: None really.

When it comes to sharing images, executive or zip files, documents, or almost any other file type, I guess most of us use one of those great cloud services. Of course, there are also social networks which allow you to share a lot of data, but this is different kind of sharing. With cloud storage, you can be in a total control of your files and you can control in what way you’d like to share those files. Still, there’s a long road of development even for cloud storage solutions, but luckily there are some creative developers who are already thinking about solving some present issues.

When it comes to sharing text, things can get very complicated. As always, you can exchange Pages or Word files with someone, but there’s much more than that. Constant re-editing and re-uploading can take a lot of time and seems unnecessary. That’s why we’ll introduce you today to an application named MarkDrop. This application is created to be used with Droplr in order to effortlessly share and edit text, while the main tool is a Markdown-powered text editor. You can download MarkDrop from OSX App Store for $8.

MarkDrop 3

At a first look, MarkDrop looks like any typical Markdown-powered editor, but if you take a look at the upper right corner you’ll see a small Droplr toggle. The primary role of this editor is to allow you write and edit text which is going to be shared via your Droplr account, which means that if you press CMD+S, a file you’re currently writing will be automatically saved to Droplr. You’ll see a small loading bar at the top, confirming that your file has been uploaded. This application is more than a simple text editor with ability to use Droplr.

First, it needs to be said this is a very capable text editor, which uses standard split-screen layout. On the left you’ll be able to write and format text using Markdown syntax, while you’ll be able to instantly see the result in the preview section on the right. I’ve noticed that this editor is very fast, renders any changes instantly, and I didn’t encounter any glitches or bugs in its performance. Markdown works as supposed to, and you’ll be able to use standard commands without any problems.

MarkDrop 1

After you’ve finished writing, you can share a text via Droplr simply by saving it (CMD+S shortcut). You can then click the square icon which will copy the link to you clipboard, for easy sharing. What’s great about MarkDrop is that you can open all your previously written files and you can re-edit them. This way, once you upload that file it will replace the previous one. You can also export files if you’d like to save them locally. You’ll be able to use PDF and plain text formats, and you can also create HTML file as well.

In case you already use Droplr to share text, MarkDrop will surely become your companion. Even if you don’t use this sharing service, I advise you to create a free account. This will surely ease up your everyday work, in case you really do need to share a lot of text with many people.



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