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PROS: Very quality made. Ergonomic. Large keys and comfortable typing. Affordable. CONS: Larger than most iPad keyboards.

If you’re looking for a new wireless keyboard that you’re going to use with your iPad, than you’ll be surprised by how many models are out there. You’ll be able to choose from dozens of models, and they all come in different shapes and various material combinations, so you’ll need to be careful about what you choose. As always, I would warmly recommend reading reviews like this one, where you can find positive and negative sides to a particular product.

Even though there are some manufactures who already took the prime spot of bestselling lists, there’s always some space for those newcomers who are trying to offer something new and different. If you continue reading this article you’ll get a chance to find more about a keyboard named BluBoard, which is made by a company called MiniSuit.

MiniSuit's BlueBoard 3

The MiniSuit BluBoard is the keyboard which is trying to offer functionality and ease of use of a much larger keyboard, but which can be used with your iPad. Right after I’ve unwrapped it, I’ve seen that this a quality made product since it feels very strong and sturdy. It’s made of aluminum, while keys are made of plastic, and this construction feels very strong and durable. What’s important to say is that the BluBoard can be used with any Bluetooth-enabled device, which means that you can use it with any tablet and smartphone, as well as with any computer. In practice, you’ll see that this one is clearly made for an iPad since there’s typical Apple-compatible layout with the function keys and the additional command key. You’ll also find brightness controls and media keys, which are made to work with any iPad.

When it comes to design of the BluBoard, it’s clear that this product was inspired by a keyboard found in MacBooks. There’s very strong aluminum body, which holds black plastic keys which are slightly rounded and show white colored letters. If you take a look at the pictures you’ll see a bracket in its upper part, which is where you’ll need to place your iPad. There are two strong metal bits designed to hold your tablet in both landscape and portrait orientation, and they work very well.

MiniSuit's BlueBoard 2

I also need to say that this keyboard comes with a cover, which actually resembles Apple’s Smart Cover. The cover is designed to protect the front side while the keyboard is resting, but you can also fold it into a triangular shape. This way the cover will become a base for the keyboard, slowly rising it.

Finally, we come to the best thing about this keyboard, and that is its price of $40. This is a very good price for a product that’s quality made and very functional.

The MiniSuit BluBoard is an excellent iPad-compatible keyboard. There are a lot of things to like about this product, and the only thing that I didn’t like is its large size. I guess you’ll need to choose between functionality and comfortable typing against its large size which brings reduced portability.


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