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PROS: Nicely designed and quality made. Ability to easily swap hard drives. CONS: Supports only 2.5-inch drives.

You’ve probably experienced different benefits of having an external hard drive connected to your Mac. I am actually surprised by how many people are unaware of how to properly protect their files, since there’s always a possibility for your computer to crash or something else could happen. Process of saving important data onto an external hard drive is very easy and effortless, and should be considered essential these days. You can also use Apple’s Time Machine feature to continuously save versions of your files and keep them encrypted.

Having an external drive could be a good idea not only if you plan on making a backup copies of your sensitive data. Many users of various MacBook models are in need of additional hard drive space, so this is one of the ways to easily expand the capacity. Also, many professionals use different hard drives in order to store large files and archives, so these files can be used on demand instead of sitting on a computer or taking space on a server.

MiniSwap 2

In case you’re using more than one external hard drive, or if you’re planning on using this technology, continue reading this article and you’ll be able to learn about an aluminum enclosure made by FirmTek.

FirmTek’s aluminum enclosure is called MiniSwap/U3 ($100) and it supports any 2.5 inch solid-state or a traditional hard drive. This means that you can buy a hard drive, one or more, and easy place it into this enclosure without using a single tool. What’s also important to say is that MiniSwap/U3 uses USB 3.0 to transfer data, which means that you can achieve respectable speeds.

In order to start using your newly bough hard drive, you need to place it into the MiniSwap/U3 and connect it to your Mac. Hard drive can be placed into this enclosure simply by pushing the front side which will release spring-loaded front panel. Now simply insert the drive and it will be pushed inside the enclosure once you return the front panel back to its place. And that’s all you need to do, which means that removing and swapping hard drive is as easy as it gets.

FirmTek made an enclosure that nicely fits any Apple-made computer, and it will nicely complement any desktop or portable Mac. It’s made of aluminum and doesn’t use any fans, so it’s very quiet.

This aluminum enclosure offers pretty much everything you can ask for. It looks nice and will complement any Mac model. It’s also very easy to use and you won’t need any tools to swap hard drives. Also, it’s compatible with any 2.5 inch drives, which means that it’s compatible with numerous hard drives as well as solid-state drives. The only downside that I could think of is that hard drives which are not is use are vulnerable to damage in case you drop them or something else happens. This means that you should store them safely, and you won’t have to worry about this.



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