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PROS: Very interesting concept and idea. Beautifully designed product. CONS: Too much complicated for everyday use. Many functions are problematic. Needs further improvement.

There’s no shortage of activity trackers on the market, and what more it seems that the market is getting overcrowded with products from this hardware category. Many famous and respected brands are now trying to win this battle and take over fitness-loving iOS users. In practice, things are very different and there’s still much to be desired. Not all trackers are equally efficient, and some of them bring overly simplistic iOS apps instead of giving you plethora of data and visualizations.

A while back, a new player entered this game. A company called Misfit is trying to enter this race by promoting its main product, an activity tracker named Shine ($120). What’s interesting about the Shine is that is brings something new in terms of design and aesthetics, but if you continue reading this article you’ll see that there are also some very important shortcomings. Continue reading to find out more about Misfit’s Shine.

Misfit Shine 4

The Shine is designed to bring you a lot of useful data tracking and to be a very important aspect of your fashion sense. It’s being marketed as the most beautiful tracker on the available, and I can really see where this is coming from. It brings amazing design, which will surely leave a mark in a development of this hardware category. The Shine is consisted of an actual tracker that’s contained in well-designed body that looks like the metal body of a clock mechanism. This is where you can find the tracker which also works as a clock, and there’s also removable coin cell battery inside which provides up to 4 months of use. This whole mechanism is removable, so you can use the Shine with a necklace or a magnetic leather clasp, which are being sold separately. In the packaging you’ll find nicely designed wristband into which the Shine needs to be placed.

This tracker works a bit differently than those I’ve had a chance of reviewing. On the top side you’ll find 12 LED dots in a clock-like formation. These LEDs can signalize time and your activity level as well. Tap it two times and you’ll see how many Shine Points you’ve earned today. Tap it three times, and it will display the time. The thing is that this tapping can’t be recognized each time, so you’ll find yourself tapping over and over to activate a certain function. This is something that many users noticed as well, so I hope that Misfit is aware of this great problem, which can be solved by issuing a new firmware update.

This device relies heavily on its iOS app, which is simply called Shine and it’s free of charge. The application is very nicely designed and brings just enough data to keep you motivated. The main screen shows how many Shine Points you’ve earned today, so you can review your activities. This application is also used to select a certain activity you plan on doing, so by taping on the Shine you’ll activate specific algorithm from that particular activity. Even though this is needed if you plan on getting accurate data, in reality it’s very hard to keep track of this.

Even though the Shine brings exceptional idea and amazing design, it lacks in functionality. It’s just too complex for everyday use, and it sometimes just decides not to work at all. I’ve had serious issues with activating functions by tapping, which soon became very frustrating.


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