In case you follow our articles than you probably know about a company called Mobee and products like Magic Feet and Magic Charger, which we’ve reviewed both. These products are designed to enable effortless inductive (wireless) charging to Apple-made peripherals. Both of these products are very nicely designed and they present futuristic concept, and in most cases they work great. If you look around the web you’ll also see a portion of users who are complaining about performance issues and who returned their products to Mobee.

In today’s article we’ll take a look at the newest product by Mobee, which is made to work with inductive chargers made by this company. This product is called the Mobee Magic Juice and this is a 5200mAh portable battery pack. It’s priced at $79.

Mobee Magic Juice 1

On a first look there’s nothing original about Magic Juice, which means that it looks like just about any external battery pack. It’s rectangular and cubic, and comes with glossy white plastic finish. Two end caps are a bit greyish, and they feature one micro-USB port, one full sized USB port, and there’s also the power button. As you can see, you can recharge it simply by connecting it to any USB port, but there’s also option for wireless charging. In case you own Mobee’s Magic Feet or Magic Charger you can simply place it on top of these chargers, and the process will automatically begin. Once it’s fully charged you can use it like any other external battery pack, so you can connect it to your iPhone via Lightning cable that you already own.

On a first sight this product sounds perfect, and even more than perfect in case you already own one of Mobee’s products. It’s also nice to know that 5200mAh battery will provide plenty of additional power to your iPhone, which can be charged more than two full times. But in reality things are not that smooth, and I am disappointed to say that Mobee Juice didn’t live up to my expectations.

Mobee Magic Juice 2

Even though I haven’t had any issues with other Mobee products, this is the first one which didn’t work as promised. I needed to check the official website more than two times to check if there’s really 5200mAh battery inside, because this is not what I’ve experienced. I expected to charge my iPhone 5 more than two full times, but Magic Juice depleted in the middle of this process. I was able to charge my phone up to 98% and then it showed me that there’s no power left. I repeated this process and I’ve got slightly better results, but they were very far from the promised ones.

I am not sure where the real problem with the Mobee Magic Juice is. Perhaps the problem is with the included battery or with those USB connections (I’ve changed several cables during charging to see if the problem is on my end). At the end, I’ve returned this product.

Mobee is known for products which tend to vary in quality, so my experience may be different from yours. However, this only means that you should be well aware of this situation, since this can save you a lot of time and money.


  1. I’ve had two of these and they’ve both failed within the first week. It appears if you discharge them completely, letting them, and the device they’re connected to, run completely flat, then even after a full charge they refuse to provide any power.

    I’ve contacted Mobee support who have confirmed it’s a known problem with the devices, and promised to send me a new unit once a fixed version becomes available.

    Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue?

  2. I bought the product 3 days ago. Overnight after buying the item, i put it on charge via USB port and it became full. I used it for one full charge on my iPhone 5 and half charge on my Z10 BB. I just noticed now that it is not giving output power to both phones and even tried Samsung Note 3 and still not charging. But the battery indicator (green light) is still at 3 and input is still working when you put it on USB port. The only thing is that it is not giving the ouput power. USB cable for both my phones are working when I charged them directly to USB port.

    Do I have to wait until it becomes full again? But on that first night when I charged the magic juice and simultaneously plug my Iphone 5 for a test, it’s giving a charge to my phone even if the green light is at one but I took it off coz its depletes the battery.

    I am disappointed and its contrary to what has been promised.

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