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PROS: Beautifully designed hardware and software. Very accurate. Collects amazing amount of data. Very long battery life. CONS: High priced.

We already brought you reviews of some of the most popular iOS-compatible activity trackers. The last article on this subject, that we brought you, was approximately six month ago and as it turns out it’s time for a new generation for digital fitness companions. During several previous weeks we had a chance of seeing the latest generations of Jawbone UP and Nike+ FuelBand wristbands. We also expect to see new products by other well-known manufacturers by the end of this year, so this means that this is the perfect time for buying a brand new activity tracker.

In today’s article we are going to take a look at the newest generation of Nike’s activity tracker, which is now named Nike+ FuelBand SE. Now let’s see if the newest generation is the step forward, as it should be.

FuelBand SE 2

Even though it doesn’t bring strikingly new design, FuelBand SE does come with some changes. There are no translucent colors anymore, but instead you’ll get to choose from three black versions which are simply accented with pink, orange, and green elements. You can also buy all-black version as well. Also, there’s no more silver clip which has been replaced with neutral black element. On the top you’ll find only a single button and a cleverly hidden five-character screen. I believe it’s safe to say that this still one of the most attractive wristbands in the world of activity trackers.

Probably the biggest change that came with the FuelBand SE is integration of Bluetooth 4. What this means is that the battery life is now much longer, meaning that you won’t have to recharge it every two days. The FuelBand SE brings from 12 to 14 days of use on a single charge, which is impressive. Almost all other aspects of design and functionality are the same, meaning that you still flick through categories like Time, Fuel, Hours, Cals, and Steps, simply by clicking on the button. You can now also remove some of these categories if you’re not interested in using them.

FuelBand SE 3

As you probably know, the second half of this system is Nike’s iOS app named Nike+ FuelBand. This application has been updated to support mildly enhanced algorithm that comes with the FuelBand SE, but retains already incredible design. When it comes to functionality of FuelBand SE and its iOS app, things are pretty much left unchanged. This is a good thing since this activity tracker was already known for very precise calculations. The app is still amazing, and probably the best one in this category. You’ll get to see very detailed calculations and nicely represented data which actually keeps you motivated. It’s amazing to see how much data this application is able of processing, so you can clearly see your results and compare certain time periods.

Nike+ FuelBand SE is priced at $150 which is not the most affordable price, but you’ll receive an amazing device complemented by a very useful iOS app. In case you already own the previous generation I don’t see a real reason to make the transition to the newest one, especially for the given price. But in case you’re a new user, than I would warmly recommend this product.


  1. I am wondering if they sent you a rigged unit to review. Nike claims 3-5days on battery and once in a while it’s 2 days; dies without warning. Same thing happens to my wife. I chatted with NikeSupport on Twitter and they seem to be saying that it’s ok to get 2 days of use.


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