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PROS: Brings some unique features. Very fast performance. Free of charge. CONS: UI design needs some polishing.

Having a reliable desktop e-mail client is simply essential, even though not many people think so. I guess that a large fraction of users still depend on a web interface to check their e-mails and there are several reasons for this. Mail providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Microsoft Hotmail (Outlook) are trying their best to keep you using their online interface since this is the way for them to make some profit. Most of these are truly useful, especially if you use several different services from the same provider. Using a desktop e-mail client comes with its own benefits which are still a mystery for a lot of people.

In case you’ve even wanted to try an e-mail client, I guess that your first choice was Apple’s Mail simply because it already ships with every OSX version and it provides elegant interface, nice performance, and deep integration with the system. However, there are a lot of other e-mail clients out there, which are able of doing some amazing things and helping you become more productive. In this article we’ll be taking a look at one of those applications which has been around for quite some time. I am talking about Opera Mail.

Opera Mail 2

Opera Mail is an application which comes from the same developer which brought a well-known web browser. Even though this is not one of the most popular e-mail clients, there are still some very loyal fans of Opera which are praising this platform. Opera Mail is being advertised as lightweight and customizable mail client, so let’s see what’s hidden beneath.

Opera Mail is truly lightweight and it will take just a few moments until its gets installed. Upon its first launch you’ll get to choose whether you’d like to import account from another client, which worked very well. I need to say that there are a lot of users around the web who complained about this feature not functioning properly, but I haven’t had that experience. The bottom line is that even if you create a new account manually, it will take just a few moments of your time.

This e-mail client is built upon Mozilla source code, so there are some similarities with Mozilla’s Thunderbird in terms of design and functionality. When it comes to design, some people will think that it’s overcrowded, but others might like it. For me, this is an average OSX interface that’s very pleasing and good enough for everyday use. The good thing is that the layout is customizable, so you can make it your own.

When it comes to functionality I’ve noticed a few unique things about Opera Mail. As it turns out, this client still supports POP mail accounts, RSS feeds, and Usenet newsgroups. This is something you won’t see in every newly released e-mail client, so I guess that some users will appreciate this. Also, I need to praise Opera’s speed and performance, which was incredibly fast and without any glitches.

Even though there’s still a long way for Opera Mail to develop and refine its features, there are still some very useful features and great performance. I am looking forward to seeing how this application will develop in the future.


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