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PROS: Beautifully designed product. Perfect synergy with Paper. Palm rejection works great. CONS: None really.

If you’re using your iPad as a digital canvas, than you already know about numerous amazing applications which allow you to fully express your creativity. In order to get the most out of these applications as well as to fully unlock some note-taking apps, you need a stylus. Luckily, there are a lot of great iPad-compatible styluses, but I always say that you need to be very careful if you plan on purchasing one since even though a certain stylus might work perfectly, it might not feel as nice due to its shape, design, or weight.

In case you’re using well-known iOS application named Paper to take notes, create some sketches of complex drawings, than you’ve probably heard about the newest addition which came with the latest update. What’s new about Paper is that you can now purchase a specialized stylus named Pencil which is created by the same group of designers and developers which created this app. Even though you can use this stylus with other applications on your iPad, this one is made to work with Paper and it can unlock some of its unique features. Continue reading to learn more about this great product.

Pencil 2

If you take a look at the official website of this application, you’ll see that Pencil is being advertised as a charcoal stick-like, and there’s truth to this story. It is designed to be used as a combination of pencil and charcoal. Its sleek body resembles a pencil, with exception that it’s rectangular instead or rounded. Nonetheless, it feels great in hand due to its elegant elongated shape. On the top you’ll see the pen nib which is tapered and resembles pencil tip. On the other end you’ll see an “eraser” which actually works as an eraser within Paper.

You’ll get to choose from two editions of Pencil. One is made of walnut wood, and it’s priced at $60, while you can also buy “graphite” version which is made of anodized aluminum, and this one is priced at $50. There are no other differences between these two, and they feature the same functionality.

Pencil 3

Before continuing with this review, I also need to say a few technical things. This stylus features built-in battery which can be removed through the tip. Battery comes with a standardized USB end, so you can simply plug it into your computer, and in approximately 90 minutes you’ll get it fully charged. This way, you’ll be able to use it for up to one month.

When it comes to functionality, this stylus doesn’t bring pressure sensitive tip since Paper simply doesn’t work that way. Instead, you’ll get to use its tip for regular drawing and scribbling, while Paper will use its built-in palm rejection technology which works surprisingly well. After you activate Pencil you’ll get to use your fingers to blur colors and lines, which is something you can’t do otherwise with Paper. There’s also an eraser which really comes in handy, so you’ll feel like you’re really drawing on a piece of paper.

In case you use Paper as a primary drawing app, I warmly recommend purchasing Pencil. Note that this stylus isn’t compatible with other applications, which means that it still can be used but in a very limited way.


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