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PROS: Interesting design innovations. Amazing performance. Very fast charging speeds. CONS: Poor screen protection.

It seems that the market of iPhone-compatible battery cases has become very competitive recently. We had the chance of reviewing several interesting products which captured our attention, and are now bringing very high capacitive batteries at more than reasonable prices. The last one in this series was the offGRID PRO by Incipio which is bringing two 2100mAh batteries and the protective screen film for just $100.

In this article you’ll get the chance to find out more about the latest battery case made by PhoneSuit. This company is actually known for quality made battery cases, so I was very interested in trying out the PhoneSuit Elite case. This product is made for the iPhone 5/5S and it’s priced at $100.

PhoneSuit Elite 2

Once I opened the packaging I’ve saw pretty much all the standard parts for any battery case. You’ll receive the case itself (which consists of two parts) and the micro-USB cable. There’s no headphone adapter (or extender) since this piece isn’t needed, which is a huge positive side. The case brings 2100mAh battery inside.

The installation is very simple and effortless, which isn’t always the case with these products. In order to use the PhoneSuit Elite you’ll need to remove the upper part, slide your phone inside the case (the large bottom part) and simply return the top part. That’s all there is. Even though it’s clear that this case is quality made, there are a few details that I didn’t like. One of those things is that the case isn’t even a tiniest bit extruded over the phone’s screen, so there’s no screen protection. Also, there are no button covers, so I assume that dirt and dust will easy accumulate in these small openings. On the other side, there are some surprisingly well designed details. For example, the bottom side is a bit rounded which gives you easy access to the headphone port, so there’s no need for any adapters or extenders. Also, the playback volume is a bit increased.

PhoneSuit Elite 3

On the back side of this case you’ll find the small button which is used to activate LED lights to show you how much power there’s left inside. If you hold down this button for a few seconds this will toggle the power on or off.

Even though its design brings some advantages and disadvantages, the best thing about the PhoneSuit Elite is its performance. Numerous tests showed that even though this case packs 2100mAh battery inside, you can expect amazing results. Independent tests showed that you can expect up to 120% of additional battery life, and it seems that this is due to “better integrated components and circuitry, which improves power transfer efficiency”.

In case you purchase the PhoneSuit Elite, for the price of $100 you will get a quality made product which can more than double the battery life of your iPhone. The only thing that I really mind is that the screen is left fully exposed, so you’ll probably need to buy an additional screen protection.


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