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PROS: Interesting idea. Very affordable. CONS: Interesting, but problematic idea. Will not work for everyone.

Even though I tend to keep track of iOS App Store trends and I always try to find interesting and innovative apps, somehow I always get surprised by a certain app type. I don’t need to tell you that you can find iOS apps designed to do some amazingly weird stuff, where some of them are truly helpful while others are there just for fun.

A few days back I’ve stumbled upon an application that belongs in the “procrastination category”. As it turns out, there are numerous iOS apps designed to help you fight procrastination and this is something that most of us have to deal with. These applications are utilizing different techniques to help you achieve goals, which really does sound interesting.

Procraster 2

Procraster is one of those iOS apps, and this one seems to be very popular at the moment. This application is designed to help you break large projects into smaller steps and to give you an overview of your “productive time”. You can download Procraster from the iOS App Store for only $1.

The first time you open Procraster you’ll get the chance to read some information on how this application works, or differently said – which technique it uses to make you finish your tasks. Then you’ll need to enter some information about the project that you’re currently working on, and to answer some questions as well. These questions are asking you about the cause of your procrastination, so you can say that the project is too complex, or that you have fear that you won’t be able to finish it. This way you’ll go through several questions which should give you some motivation and break down the complexity of the problem, so you can start working on a first step.

Procraster 1

Each time you decide to work on a new step towards completing your project, you can use Procraster to track the time. Even though this could be very tedious and tiresome to do on a regular basis, this feature is there to motivate you once you’ve seen how productive you were in the past few weeks. You’ll get to see some graphs and choose different time periods to compare them. You can also export finished sessions to your OSX and iOS calendar, so this is yet another way to analyze yourself.

It’s clear that a lot of time and effort was put into this application, and there were also some interesting incoming updates. The main problem of this application isn’t in its design or performance, but in its main idea. If someone tends to procrastinate and has hard time getting things done, a new application that demands constant attention will be just another reason not to do things. But if you motivate yourself to starting using this application in order to start achieving goals, this may give you satisfactory results in the long run. The bottom line is that we’re all different, so some people will find Procraster to be very useful and even essential, while others will think that that it’s completely useless. 


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