Qode Slim Style Keyboard Case Qode Slim Style Keyboard Case
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PROS: Affordable. Nice build quality. Very usable wireless keyboard. CONS: Some design-related issues. Build quality is nice, not great.

Even though the iPad Air arrived just a few weeks back, we already got a chance to choose from several very interesting keyboard models. Besides this, almost all major accessory makers have already announced their plans to offer wireless keyboards as well, so we expect some very rough competition.

In this article you’ll get the chance to find more about the latest wireless keyboard coming from Belkin. In case you’re following our reviews than you probably know that Belkin is one of the most popular iOS accessory makers, and we always expect great build quality from this company. When it comes to functionality of their products, this can be a subject of an argument, but the truth is that Belkin made very popular iPad-ready cases and keyboards.

Qode Keyboard Case 1

The latest wireless keyboard made by Belkin is called the Qode Slim Style Keyboard Case, and it’s available for purchase right now. It’s priced at $80, and it actually brings a folio case which includes a keyboard. Keep reading to see how well this product is designed, and whether it’s worth the money.

With the price of $80 it’s clear that Belkin wanted to make a keyboard that’s more affordable than other products of this category. Still, this is nicely designed case which can be easily compared against much more expensive models, even though it’s got some quirks. For example, this folio case is made of faux leather, but I didn’t like how thin it is. I also believe that the stitching should be a lot better.

When it comes to design, the Qode Slim Style Keyboard Case doesn’t bring anything new. You’ll receive a folio-style case with included keyboard. You’ll need to place your tablet inside two brackets made of faux leather, which is something I really didn’t like. Even though these brackets are able to firmly hold the iPad Air, I didn’t like their design and I didn’t like that they stretched a bit after a few days of use. It’s also important to note that you can use this case as a stand, since it comes with movable arm on the back which could be adjusted to support several viewing angles.

The best thing about this product isn’t the case, but the wireless keyboard. For the price of $80 you’ll receive nicely designed and fully functional keyboard, with six rows of keys. It brings typical iPad-compatible layout, and you’ll be able to use a row of iPad-dedicated keys. I liked how keys are well-spaced and typing is very comfortable. According to official statements by Belkin, you can expect up to 60 hours of active use, and according to my previous experiences this should be true.

This product is made to be one of the most affordable products of this category, which is its biggest selling point. I had some issues with the folio case, but I really liked the keyboard. This means that I would generally recommend it, even though you’ll be able to buy a premium-grade keyboard case if you’re willing to spend additional $30-40.



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