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PROS: Good price. Nicely designed and quality made. Basic wallet functionality. CONS: Button covers are causing problems. Odd selection of available colors.

Wallet cases are increasingly popular iPhone-compatible accessories which now provide more than one basic functionality. During the past few years these cases went through several design changes, since designers usually wanted to expand their functionality in order to get bigger sales. Even though we’ve seen variety of different and some very unusual designs, two types came out of this evolution. These are standard-looking cases with a pouch on their back sides, and there are also folio-style wallet cases.

In today’s article we’ll take a look at CM4’s Slite Card Case, which is the newest wallet case made by a company known for a very successful wallet case named Q Card Case (you can still find a review of this product on The Slite Card Case is made for the iPhone 5C, and it comes priced at $30 which sounds like a good deal. Now let’s take a closer look at this wallet case.

Even though the Slite Card Case could be considered as a successor to the Q Card Case, there’s a number of differences and it seems that a completely new design philosophy has been used while designing it. This case is completely made from plastics, available in four colors. I am not sure why these four colors don’t match the iPhone 5C signature feature (differently colored phones), but on the other hand this could have been made on purpose. You’ll be able to choose from black, grey, blue, and dark red.

Slite Card Case 3

By looking at its front side (once the iPhone is placed inside of it) it’s clear that designers had intention to deal with small details. I really liked that the case is a bit extruded over the phone’s screen which gives some protection from scratches if you place the phone facing down. On the sides of the case you’ll see that the buttons are covered, which creates some issues with responsiveness. While the side volume buttons work great, there are some issues with the top-positioned sleep/wake button which needs bigger pressure to work.

On the back you’ll find the signature feature of the Slite Card Case, and that’s the wallet pocket. It’s designed to hold up to three cards, which could be easily pushed in and out of this pouch. Another thing I liked are those nicely designed and slightly rounded edges which work great with the iPhone’s aesthetics. On the other hand, these corners will get dirty if you choose the blue colored case.

Slite Card Case 1

Finally, on the bottom you’ll find one large pill-shaped opening which allows easy access. Even though this leaves the ports somewhat exposed to dirt and dust, this also means that the case is compatible with a variety or 3rd party Lightning cables, accessories and plugs.

What’s good about the Slite Card Case is that it’s nicely designed and quality made product, which gives proper protection to your phone. There’s nothing outstanding when it comes to this case, since it only tries to give something we’ve already seen so many times. For only $30 for a wallet case, I wouldn’t call this a bad deal at all.


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