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PROS: Nicely designed UI. Very simple, but functional. Great performance. CONS: Some small annoyances. Lack of search.

By reading all kinds of user reviews around the web, I can assume that there’s a lot of people who are still searching for their new favorite RSS reader. I probably don’t need to explain that Google Reader left a huge hole that still needs to be filled, and this is something that many developers tried to do. As it turns out that this is not an easy job, and many RSS readers lost this battle.

In case you’re one of those who is still trying to find a suitable RSS reader, our website offers a number of informative reviews about the most popular applications of this kind. This is where you can find all about those applications, their positive and negative sides, and our general recommendation as well.

In today’s article we are bring you a review of Sputnik, which is yet another try to conquer the world of RSS readers. Sputnik is completely free to download and use, and there’s even Windows and Linux version as well, which is great for those who use their Macs with different platforms.

Sputnik 1

There are two main categories of RSS readers. You can find very simple and basic ones, and there are those which are very complex and bring sharing and social features as well. Sputnik is the simple one, which isn’t a bad thing. Simple RSS readers allow you to focus on articles and catch up on news and topics you care about, and they usually offer great performance as well.

From the first time I opened Sputnik on my OSX, I was intrigued by its nicely designed interface. The application is very light, in terms of its size, performance, and UI design. On the left side of the window you’ll be able to find your RSS sources sorted by categories. You can easily add new feed subscriptions by importing an existing OPML file, or you add feeds manually.

Sputnik is designed to let you read articles in a single page view. In case you right-click on an article you’ll jump to the next one, which is something that I needed to get accustomed to. On the other hand, this RSS reader is designed to work with numerous keyboard shortcuts, which is something that I always appreciate. It’s also important to say that all my articles were nicely rendered and I haven’t encountered any errors or glitches.

Another interesting thing about Sputnik is that you add tags to an article, but there’s no search available. You’ll need to go to All Feeds in order to filter articles by tags and find those that you were looking for. This is something that needs further improvement, and I would also like to see at least some basic search functionality.

In case you’re looking for a very simple RSS reader, I would recommend at least trying out Sputnik. There are some small quirks, but it works great and offers reliable performance. In case you need some sharing capabilities or integration with those “read later” services, than this application isn’t the one for you.


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