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PROS: Beautifully designed UI. Logical and easy organization. Lots of useful tools. CONS: Photo editing is built inside, but it’s virtually invisible.

Even though they might not seem as helpful on a first sight, journaling apps can increase your productivity in more ways than one. What I’ve noticed in the iOS App Store is that there are no lightweight journaling apps or these are hard to find, simply because one needs to focus and make an effort in writing thoughts, ideas, and observations as frequently as possible. This is why most popular iOS journaling tools come with ability to enter text, photos, and recordings, so you can organize and review them later.

Tag Journal is recently published iOS journaling tool, being sold at $3. Even though it comes at an affordable price in comparison to other similar applications, a developer made sure to pack several interesting and very important features, so let’s see what this application offers.

Tag Journal 1

As you’ll see upon its first launch, Tag Journal is designed to perfectly complement aesthetics of iOS7. This is something that you can see very often these days, but I still believe that this application brings one of the best designed UIs. It brings light and colorful palette, but retains its minimalism.

The front page of Tag Journal brings you a quick overview of categories like Timeline, Gallery, Notes, Recordings, Tags, and there’s Settings as well. On the top you’ll find four icons which are giving you quick access to start taking a photo, making a new recording, or adding new text entries. Otherwise, you can review all of your entries by going into previously mentioned categories.

Tag Journal 3

Timeline is there to give you a very quick and smart overview of all your entries which may contain text, photos, and recordings. You can also add tags and location info, so there’s a lot of data which could be tied to a specific entry. Since this is the journaling tool, you’ll be able to see these entries sorted by date, and you’ll be able to use its default list view or you can use the calendar view.

Categories like Gallery, Notes, and Recordings give you a list of specific file types. This means that you can create standalone notes and pictures, but these could be also tied to a specific entry. As you can see there’s very logical and smart organization, which is very easy to get accustomed to.

I also need to say a few words on some surprising features that I’ve found throughout Tag Journal. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this app offers Markdown support, which works perfectly with ability to export an entry as PDF or HTML. You can also export native Markdown. Another interesting feature, which isn’t really obvious, is that you can edit photos using Aviary. You’ll be able to perform basic photo editing and add some effects as well.

Tag Journal is competing against Day One and other very popular journaling applications, so it won’t be easy to succeed on the market. Luckily, there are some very interesting and useful tools that you can use, and Tag Journal also brings amazingly designed UI. There’s also its price of $3, which is very affordable.


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