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PROS: Interesting concept. Fun gameplay. CONS: The game is too much static. Interface needs refinement.

When it comes to iOS gaming, this is the platform which slowly but fundamentally changes the way we see and experience mobile gaming. In case you’ve played some of the recently released big-budget games, you’ve seen how powerful graphics can be as well as how immersive their gameplay is. Even though these applications have risen the bar even higher than before, there’s still plenty of space for other game types and for those developers who are trying to make it through the iOS App Store.

In case you like those games which are trying to offer logic and strategic obstacles instead of trying to impress you with the high-end graphics, then continue reading this article because we’ll be taking a look at one of those games. Time Thief is the newly released iOS game designed for those who want a quick fix of fun and entertainment, and comes from a developer Iris Wagner.

Time Thief is one of those games which are hard to explain until you try them by yourself. As its developer says this is the game where you fight against the clock, which is the foundation of almost any successful logic game. Once you open this application for the first time you’ll get to see a slideshow which tells a story of what a time thief actually is, and this gives you some idea of what you’ll be supposed to do. This is not a tutorial, but simply a backstory. Even though there’s tutorial once you start your first match, I am sure that you’ll need to go through several matches in order to figure out what you need to do. Even though this is very simple game, it lacks quality tutorial which is not just one picture of arrows pointing you to different parts of the screen.

Time Thief 2

When it comes to gameplay though, it’s very simple once you figure it out. Your mission is to quickly pull out a “slice of time” until clock (dials) hits it. If you manage to pull out all the slices, you’ll go to the next level where dials will be a bit faster making it more difficult to pull out items on time. It’s actually fun and provides you quick matches, so this is one of those games which are perfect in case you’ve got a few minutes of spare time.

Even though I liked its gameplay, there are numerous other things that I didn’t like or which made me confused. As I’ve said earlier, the backstory is somewhat interesting, but presented in a very simple and static manner. This application lacks dynamics, since everything is too static and there’s not that much going on. For example, I’d like to see an animation which tell me the backstory, and also some kind of quick animation of buttons, dials, and quickly pulled sliced for the clock. It just needs a bit more imagination, more work, and a new tutorial as well.

Time Thief could be purchased for only $1, and it will give you quick fix of entertainment even though it could be so much more.


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