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PROS: Nicely designed interface. Preloaded content. Great performance. Triplt integration. CONS: None really.

Each one of us has a different technique of preparing for a trip. Some people are very studious and need proper time to organize all aspects of a trip and to prepare needed items. On the other hand, there are those who don’t like worrying too much about these things, so they do this by instinct. No matter which group you belong to, there are some things which are in common for all of us. And one of those things is that majority of people make lists of things that need to be prepared before the trip, like clothes, documents, and other items. If you’re an iPhone user who likes making to-do lists, than you’re probably using Apple’s Notes app for this job.

TripList is an iOS application made for those who like creating to-do lists on their iPhones. This application is designed to ease up this process by offering simple tools and lots of preloaded content, so you can really focus on your goal. In simple words, TripList is designed to help you create your packing lists. This application is free of charge (even though you’ll need to pay $2 to fully unlock all of its features) and could be downloaded from the iOS App Store.

TripList 2

Once you open TripList you’ll see a list of your trips, which will be completely white and blank when you open this app for the first time. Once you make a few new entries and once you start finishing tasks, you’ll be able to see a percentage of completion right in this start screen. Once you decide to add a new tip, simply click on a plus sign and you’ll be taken inside this entry.

In order to start making lists you’ll need to create new categories which could be latter expanded or closed (like drop-down menus) so you can always quickly skim through these items. TripList brings a lot of preloaded categories and items that you can simply add, like clothing, documents, electronics, and similar stuff. You can also create reminders and due dates, so you can actually make very detailed plans on what to do.

What I also need to say is that the TripList features very simplistic interface that’s clearly made to fit new aesthetics of iOS. Performance is also very good and I haven’t encountered any glitches or crashes.

TripList 3

Once you download TripList as a free application from the iOS App Store, you’ll be able to use it as a simple to-do list creator that’s aimed to help you prepare for your trip. If you purchase its Pro upgrade (one-time $2 fee), you’ll get to use many advanced features. These include: Triplt integration, iCloud sync, enabled AirPrint, multiple users, and ability to export data. As you can see, this upgrade brings a lot of very interesting and highly useful features, and it doesn’t really cost that much.

There are a lot of nice things that could be said for this application. It’s created for those who like to be very organized and meticulously plan their way up to a vacation, and these users will find TripList very useful and essential even.


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