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PROS: Very fast and reliable performance. Several very interesting and unique features. Very capable. CONS: Interface design won’t suit everyone. Lots of small limitations and quirks. A bit overpriced.

Many bloggers are using Tumblr as their primary engine for writing and publishing blog posts, and there are many reasons for this. Most Tumblr users will tell you that this engine is much easier to use than its main competitor WordPress, and there are unique features to this blog engine which makes it much easier to create nice looking and simple blogs, which are dedicated to written material or multimedia like pictures and slideshows, GIFs, and videos as well.

Just like with most blog engines, you’ll need to purchase a third party application in order to distance yourself from the web browser. There are positive and negative sides to using a third party application, so this is not a good solution for everyone, but many will find it very helpful. For example, by using a desktop app you can spend as much time as you want writing an article and making all kinds of adjustments before publishing it. This means that your work will be easier to save offline and preview. You can also benefit from enhanced workflow and a new ways of reading posts made by your friends. On the other hand, desktop application can’t support every single Tumblr feature, mostly because there are API-related limitations.

Tublme 2

In this article you’ll get a chance to learn more about Tublme, which is Tumblr’s desktop client. This application is priced at $10 and could be purchased using the Mac App Store.

On a first look, Tublme will look a bit intimidating. It did, at least to me. It brings very dark interface, filled with all kinds of icons and buttons. Even though I use Tumblr on a daily basis, it took a few moments until I started seeing the concept behind this app. Once you sign-in with your credentials, you’ll immediately see a timeline of your friends’ posts, so you’ll be presented with a lot of information right from the start. What I didn’t like is that Tublme always showed me the newest posts, instead of taking me to the last seen one. This is something I use with many iOS apps, and this seems very useful and easy to implement.

What’s important to know is that Tublme supports a lot of native Tumblr’s features. You’ll get to scroll through your friends’ posts, which allows you to focus on text and multimedia. In case you’d like to see notes and reactions to these posts, you can find them under the small button with a bookmark icon. This clears up some space, so I appreciated it. On the other hand, Tublme doesn’t hide tags, so I guess that interface could be a bit more polished and distraction-free.

Besides those standard native features, you can find some unique ones as well. As it turns out, Tublme allows you to make lists of users and blogs, so you can keep things organized. You can also use multiple accounts and easily switch between them. What I really liked is the full keyboard navigation, which is something I believe is essential in applications like this one.

After trying it for a couple of days, I couldn’t really decide what to think about Tublme. I had some issues with its sometimes complex and excessively dark interface, but I also liked many of its unique features. It’s clear that Tublme is very capable, but there are numerous limitations and small quirks which are preventing me from using it on a daily basis. 


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