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PROS: Very simple interface. Combines a lot of basic functions. Built-in photo editor. CONS: No push notifications. Very basic Twitter client.

There’s abundance of quality Twitter clients in the iOS App Store, so all you have to do is to browse the selection and choose the one that’ll suit you the best. These clients are designed for different types of Twitter users, so before making a purchase I advise you to take a look at its features and read some reviews as well. This is the only way to find out what an application can offer you, and it can save you some money, time, and effort.

Right here on MacReview you can already find a review about the most popular Twitter client named Tweetbot, but this isn’t a reason not to see some newcomers to the iOS App Store. A couple of days back we reviewed Tweet7 which brought nicely designed iOS7 interface and some very interesting ways of staying on top of posts and tweets. Today we’ll take a look at Tweetly.

Tweetly 2

As you can expect by now from newly released iOS apps, Tweetly comes with its own interpretation of iOS7-insipired interface. The first thing you’ll need to do is to sign-in with your Twitter account and this is where you’ll be able to see that you can manage multiple accounts with this app. Tweely doesn’t combine two or more accounts, but it enables you to easily switch between those. After you’ve signed-in with your credentials, you’ll be able to see Tweetly’s main page.

The main page comes with four large buttons, and those are Feed, Mentions, Search, and Profile. Even though it’s clear that designers wanted a very streamlined and minimalistic interface, I still feel that there’s a lot of unused space. For example, these four buttons are very large and each of them provides only one action, so it would be great to see some shortcuts which enable fast content filtering or some other helpful feature. On the other hand, other parts of Tweetly bring nicely designed interface which creates very nice visual experience. The main feed window is especially nicely designed, where different parts of information come with differently styled fonts. This makes it very easy to read a lot of tweets at once without getting in the middle of information overload.

When it comes to functionality, I need to say that Tweetly is perfect for those who just entered the world of Twitter. Advanced users won’t find features they normally use in some other popular Twitter clients. With Tweelty you’ll be able to access your feeds, mentions, create new posts and see your own profile. There’s also very helpful image editor which allows you to add effects, crop an image, or add some text.

In case you’re new to Twitter, or if you simply use this social network for some basic actions like keeping track of your main feeds window, than I would recommend using Tweelty. If you’re interested in trying out this app, than download it right now while it’s still free (regular price $1).


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