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PROS: Brings something new and innovative. Keeps you organized. Good performance. CONS: A few glitches with graphics and bugs.

Many believe that Apple failed to update and redesign its Mail app in the latest OSX installment, which made many users dissatisfied. Sure, there are some changes to this e-mail client, but they are far from what we hoped them to be. In fact, it’s not expected for Mail to change any time soon since Apple decided to pursue this “play safe” strategy, which is justified up to some point. After all, you can always download a new e-mail client right from the OSX App Store.

During the last year we witnessed a complete revolution of one particular app category in the iOS App Store, and those are mobile e-mail clients. This rapid evolution created a number of innovative applications which completely changed the way these applications work. Unfortunately, this only happened on the iOS platform, even though a few interesting desktop clients appeared as well. In today’s article we’ll take a look at one of those, called Unibox. It’s available in the OSX App Store for $10.

Unibox 2

Unibox is trying to differentiate itself from Apple’s Mail and other similar applications by providing very interesting concept. As you can see from the screenshots, on the left you’ll find a list of contacts, or e-mail addresses from which you’ve received an e-mail. This way you won’t have an overview of your server and remote files, even though you can also find a path to these locations within this application. Unibox is trying to provide social aspect to your e-mails, and to ease up organization as well.

Once you open this e-mail client for the first time you’ll need to enter your credentials. This application supports any IMAP account, so there’s no POP protocol for those who are still using it. Installation is very simple and effortless, and you’ll get a warning that Unibox might be a bit sluggish until e-mails are fully downloaded.

Received e-mails are going to appear in the left positioned sidebar, where you can see a list of contact. In case you’re having a conversation with someone, you’ll be able to see a very nice representation of every single message you’ve exchanged, so there’s no way for an e-mail to get lost. If you hover with your pointer over a message, you’ll see Trash, Archive, and Junk buttons. If you hover somewhere in the right corner of a message, you’ll see Reply, Reply All, and Forward. I really liked how these, and some other buttons, are hidden, since this makes the interface clean and tidy.

Another interesting feature that I need to mention is that you’ll be able to use three views. The first is default, while others could be used to browse collection of received attachments. You can also use the search feature to locate a certain file, which is very helpful.

If you’re looking for a new e-mail client for your Mac, I would recommend trying out Unibox. It brings some cleverly designed features, and also brings very fast and reliable performance. I encountered a few glitches and bugs, but I hope these can be solved in a future update. After all, Unibox is still in its 1.0 version.


  1. I have downloaded the trial version, but have found it to be extremely buggy. Some messages don’t even come though (I see them on AirMail), and how do you check unread and/or starred messages? There is the badge with the number of unread and starred (both are combined for the total), but there is no way to find them except to sift through them all manually. In addition, there are often phantom badges of unread e-mails that pop up again and again even after they have been cleared.

  2. Hi Eric,

    Thank you for your comment. I can hardly believe that it’s so buggy. I didn’t have a single problem and I’m using it for some months now.

    Regarding your starred/unread emails: I guess we have different workflows, cause I don’t use things like that. I switched to the “Inbox Zero” concept (even before using Unibox) which needs a little tweaking in Unibox (see http://www.uniboxapp.com/faq/organizing-emails/inbox-zero) but I guess your approach should work as well. You could just create a group “Starred & Unread” in Unibox and then add the corresponding Hotmail-folders. Remember to hide the Unibox group (in settings) and you’re done.

    Take Care,

  3. Another thumbs up for me. Not too buggy so far for me (I tried Inky too and that was in my experience).

    While I have lots of emails clogging up my inbox, I don’t tend to star them or flag them, so this has actually helped tidy up the organisation a bit by grouping them into contacts instead of conversations.

    As a (somewhat disorganised!) designer who gets sent lots of files and photos from editors, the attachment view is very helpful as I usually have to sift through all their emails to find an old pic if I haven’t used it or saved it to my desktop.

    Would be nice to have a toggle between contacts and conversations views, but it’s not essential.


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